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Double Trouble #4

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: I rummaged through the Sneek Peek vault and found these never-before-seen sessions. Four of your favorite str8 punks paired-up and doing what they do best: poppin' huge nuts!! Lanky Brit skateboarder TOBY (SPP29 Deuces Wild,DAW14 Vindawg's P.C. #14: Adam & Toby) gives another smoldering performance and teams up with smooth talker BUZZ (SPP30 Buzz Me In,SPP41 Barebackin' Buzz) who looks fresh and eager for a good time. Cocky prison thug FRANCO (SPP25 Get It Str8 8: Franco,SPP60 Str8 'N' Paroled) gets down and dirty with an attitude and teams up with ex-marine DINO (SPP61 Str8 Loads14: Dino,SPP67 Down on Dino) who feeds his huge meat-stick to the VinDawg. Includes four Sneek Peek previews. Sexy conversation,slippery hand jobs,deep-down blowjobs and plenty of sweet loads make this the Ultimate Reality Porn!


Buzz and Toby stop by after an afternoon of street boarding and strip down in the bedroom. They quickly work up hard-ons and I start to blow them as they watch pornos on the tube. It doesn't take long for Buzz to pop his nut as he sneeks a peek or two at me blowing Toby,and Toby soon lets loose a wet one as I rub his hairy stomach. Back to more Buddy Boarding!

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After a week of no sex,Buzz stops by for some relief after an afternoon of shopping for street duds. He strips down in the bedroom and I go straight for it. Buzz watches me as I take his rod down my throat and I work him till he begins squirming around and explodes on my lips. ''How was that?'' I ask. ''Pretty good!'' Buzz mumbles. Duh!

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Franco and Dino meet at my crib and pick out a porno to watch. In no time they shed their threads and sit naked next to each other on the sofa. They start to play with their cocks and stiffen up pretty quick. I waste no time and get down between them to lube up their rods and begin the service. Franco is first to unload,giving up a nice creamy nut then I turn my attention to Dino's monster cock and it promptly delivers a messy payload. Mission accomplished with a little help from Sally!

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Franco finds a nice Jenna flick to inspire him and when he strips down in front of the telly,I kneel in front of him and begin sucking his cock. As Franco works the remote control I lick on his shaft and jerk on my own hard cock. I bring Franco close several times before I squeeze out a huge creamy load from his throbbing cock. Jenna Rules!

SPP09 Str8 Loads 5: Buzz,SPP13 Get It Str8 #3,SPP44 Gettin' Vinnie Off and SPP71 Money For Nuttin'.

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Double Trouble #4

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