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Buzz Me In...

109 Minutes...Live Sound
An AMVC Exclusive Video

Excerpt From Full Description: After some chit chat and a shower,Buzz settles down for a cigarette,a can of soda,a blowjob and… After getting some deep-throating head,Buzz is ready for some ass play with a vibrator… I take out my cock and make Buzz stroke it and lick the head before I grease up his butt and stick the monster in… Buzz plants his legs on my shoulders as I work my cock in deeper then I lay on the floor and Buzz sits on it for a while… I finish him off by taking his whole load down my throat… Sexy fuckin’ guy!
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Deuces Wild: Buzz and Toby

109 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:After dropping off friends on the way back from the beach,the ''Dynamic Duo'' stop by for blowjobs. Stripped down and sitting next to each other on the sofa,Toby wants it first,so I quickly coax his creamy load out and move on to my favorite,Buzz... After a session of stroke 'n' blow I squeeze Buzz's hot fuckin' load into my mouth... Listen for a little serenade from Buzz at the end... Last of the ''dueling nuts''? I think not.
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TJ: The Next Level

103 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After a dubious story about fucking some gorgeous bitch he works with,T.J. strips down and starts to massage his meat...When T.J. stands up at the end of the bed and makes me suck his dick like last time,I take his whole 8.5" down my throat (he watches me the whole time!). T.J. scoots back on the bed and I come over to his side with Mr. Bill pokin' out and when he starts stroking it I say "Suck my cock!". T.J. says "No!" so I say "20 bucks more!" and he shrugs and goes down on me.
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Tony Unleashed

90 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After a rough 'n' tumble all-nighter,Tony stops by for a hot shower and some slap and tickle. He picks out an Asian porn flick,jumps on the bed and now he 's ready for anything. When I dive deep on his cock he responds immediately,but before long Tony turns the tables and I'm down on the bed getting serviced - he uses all my classic techniques on me! I bury my face in Tony's ass and soon I'm taking all of his creamy load on my face and down my throat.
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Str8 Loads #9: Johnny

103 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Stopping at the coffee drive-thru led me to street savvy "Johnny",a six foot tall,155 pound Irishman with a 'firey' crotch and sexy tattoos... Forget about that 'angry inch' here. Nothing like having an ice cold beer and getting a good blowjob after a hard day at work! Slam! Bam! Thank You,Man!
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Str8 Loads #8: Franco

This re-release has an extra scene

95 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After some expert strokin’ and crotch-diving,Franco lets me take his load… After a short rest,we head to the bedroom where I lube up Franco’s cock and get busy… I bury my head in his bush and soon he’s depositing a second huge load right down my throat! ''How was that?'' I ask,''Good!'' he says,''Always is!''
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Str8 'N' Uniform

108 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: There's nothing like a REAL man in a REAL uniform! Zack is a reserve police officer in one of our local precincts soon to graduate the Academy and Justin returned recently from a U.S. Marines deployment...My Heroes! Dressed in his fatigues,Justin plops down in a chair and starts to massage his fat cock thru his pants... Soon he's unleashing the monster and after he's oiled it up strokes it long and hard. Justin hasn't busted a nut in 4 days so he stops occasionally because he's so ready! I have him stay in uniform while he jerks off and after I measure his cock (8"x6") he launches a creamy white payload on his t-shirt.
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Get It Str8 Again #2

108 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Part 2 features all new scenes of your favorite straight guys from the "Get It Str8" series... From "Get It Str8 #1" Jeremy,the 6'2" 200 lb. college football jock returns for another double-nut session and Spike,the 19 year old hustler who wants to be a porn star comes back to mug for the camera... My blue-collar babe Gianni from "Get It Str8 #4" tells me that he faked orgasm with two different girls in order to save his nut for this session - and wait 'till you see the results!!
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Get It Str8 Again #1

97 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: This tape features ALL NEW SCENES of your favorite straight guys from the ''Get It Str8'' series. From ''Get It Str8 #2'' (SPP04): Little Vinny,the Italian-Portuguese gas station attendant with the sexy smile comes back for a down-deep session. Two street boyz featured in ''Get It Str8 #3'' (SPP13): Toby,the lanky Brit skateboarder with the chillin' attitude pitches me a creamy 'facial' and Davey,the blonde 6'2'' appliance mover ends up delivering his load to me in a peep show arcade booth.
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Paco: The Next Level

88 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Paco is already naked and hard,and I have my cock in my hand as the scene starts...Paco kneels and starts blowing me,then he grabs my head and fucks my face with his huge piece. I take his whole 9''+ down to the base and then I start eating out his beautiful ass... After a little more give and take,we end up side-by-side on the bed jerking and sucking each other...and then it's to the bedroom floor for a hot '69' session... As I lightly finger his hole,Paco shoots a load on my tongue and we both eat what's left of his load off his chest... Isn't it better when Mr. Bill and Cockzilla play nice together?
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