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Jonny Can't Stop Fucking and Sucking His College Buds

Scene 1:

I'm just an average guy with an above average voyeuristic side. I grew up in a college town in Texas,and there are tons of hot guys everywhere. I always thought it would be hot to watch these guys strip and do their thing but didn't really know how to make that a reality. I started placing a few ads online and was amazed at the results I got. Jonny and Austin were 2 guys that had replied to one of these ads.

Jonny and Austin ran track together and thought it would be hot to make a video. They both trade intense blowjobs and then Jonny was ready to pound his buddy's ass. Jonny got so horny fucking Austin that he had to pull out and cum. Then Austin jerked off a nice load. I love filming college boys!
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Scene 2:

Jonny and Deuce belonged to the same fraternity at school and had apparently messed around a little before. This was only Deuce's 2nd time getting his straight ass plowed,so to make it more fair Jonny agreed to let Deuce finger him and shove a dildo up his tight hole for the first time on camera. In fact Jonny got so horny that he begged Deuce to fuck him as well. Deuce tried but couldn't stay hard so they worked over each other's holes with the dildo and fingers and jerked off till they both shot nice loads. Jonny even had his mouth open hoping to catch some of Deuce's hot jizz. That didn't quite work out,but it was still a very hot scene.

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Scene 3:

Jonny and Kale met during a photography class at school and had fooled around some before. They figured why not take it to the next level and make some cash doing it on camera.

They make out and suck each other's cocks before Jonny takes over and starts pounding his buddy hard. Kale really seemed to enjoy taking Jonny's hard rod up his boy pussy. Then Kale turns the tables a bit and starts fingering Jonny's hot hole.

\ Kale exposes Jonny's fuck hole to the camera so we can all get a good look. Then he chows down on Jonny's tight ass while Jonny moans like a bitch. Turns out he loves getting his hole licked and can't seem to get enough. In fact he gets so horny that he lets Kale blow his load all over his cute face. \

With cum still on his face and not able to open his eyes,Jonny pumps out a hot load of jizz himself all over Kale's ass who was straddling him. They both ended up spent and covered in cum. So fucking hot!

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Jonny Can't Stop Fucking and Sucking His College Buds

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