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Solo Frat Boys

Scene 1:

19 y/o Skyler replied to one of my ads and sent me a link to his Facebook page. I must admit the picture he had there didn't do him justice and I almost turned him down. Luckily he sent me a few more recent pics. I couldn't believe the difference and knew I had to film him. Turns out there were 2 guys on his Facebook photo and I was looking at the wrong guy all along!

He had really gone at it pretty hard with his girlfriend on Valentines Day so we figured we'd wait a few days for him to recharge. Seems like when he's horny, though, he's really horny and wants to get naked, so when he got the urge again he texted me to see if he could make his first ever video.

He had never been naked on camera before, but he was definitely not shy. In addition to being hot as fuck, Skyler actually is a lot of fun to hang around. He talked about school and all the positions he likes to fuck in. Seemed like I had known him forever.

We decided to forego an introduction this time and just have him walk into the room and sit down to some porn on the computer. He strips down to his boxers and rubs his cock a little through them.

In no time, though, he was completely naked and lubing up his cock. He spread his teen legs and softly moaned while he rubbed his hole. He laid back a little more and really showed off his fuck hole. "Like my ass huh?" he asked.

Soon he was laying back showing everything.....cock, balls, ass, feet. It was hot seeing this straight boy totally exposed for the first time for the world to see.
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Scene 2:

I've come to notice that a lot of bi or questioning guys seem to like to use porn as a way of fulfilling fantasies without admitting that's what they are doing. Max is that type of guy. He replied to an ad saying that he needed cash and was willing to do a solo. He made it a point to mention that he had a girlfriend but that he had broken up and might be up for more. He was very polite and fun to work with. He started by stripping down to his boxers and reaching his hand down inside to fondle himself. Then off came the boxers and Max was totally exposed on camera for the very first time. It didn't take long for him to get hard and have his full 7 inches at attention. He then got on his knees, stroked, and let us get the first ever view of his sweet ass. Just a tease at first but then I got underneath him with the camera and filmed him stroking from below while he stood there watching porn. Finally he bent over and really spread his ass cheeks to give us a great view of his virgin hole. He rubbed his boy cunt and really got into it. For the money shot he knelt on the bed and moaned in pleasure as he sprayed a huge load of 19 y/o jizz all over the sheets. You'd think there was a crime scene with all the DNA everywhere. I figured that was probably it for him, but after he was done he said that since he broke up with his girl, it was a fantasy of his to do porn. Who knows what will happen, but at least we are all able to see his porn debut!
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Scene 3:

Ryan is a hot 20 y/o college stud I just filmed recently. He's straight but doesn't mind showing off his althetic body and thick cock to guys. He strips down, shows his hairy hole, and talks dirty while he beats his meat. He pumps out a nice load of jizz and wipes it up with his boxers.

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Solo Frat Boys

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