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Fuck Me Raw - Bareback Compilation

Scene 1:

This was definitely one of my favorite scenes to shoot. Jake had just turned 18 and was eager to get as much sex on camera as possible before going off to school. Trey was needing some cash and loves big cocks so I figured this would be a great pairing.

After a short introduction, they start making out and stripping down to their boxers. Trey wasted no time going for Jake's fat cock and pulled it out of Jake's boxers. He started sucking like a hungry bitch while Jake laid back and moaned in pleasure.

Jake pulls off his boxers and lays there completely exposed while Trey keeps slobbing his knob. "Feels so Good," Jake moans.

Trey finally gets completely naked himself and lays back while Jake goes down on his much smaller cock. It's obvious who the bottom's gonna be here.

Jake starts off by using a condom and inserts his thick shaft into Trey's willing hole. "Nice ass. You like that?" asks Jake. "Fuck that ass!" replies Trey who moans like a bitch in heat.

Before long Jake tires of the condom and decides to ditch it and plow Trey bareback. Trey was so horny and since Jake was clean and had a girlfriend he figured why not. Jake pounds Trey's sweet ass doggie style, and you could tell it felt good having his bare meat thrusting in and out. "I'm all yours," says Trey.

Jake then flips Trey on his back and plunges his fuck tool back in. "You hit the spot," moans Trey. I managed to get some good views of Jakes raw meat plundering Trey's boy pussy. They were so into each other they almost forgot I was there.

After getting a good pounding, Trey sucks Jake in preparation for the money shot....and boy was it a good one. Jake takes over stroking his cock while Trey knelt in anticipation. Finally Jake was ready to blow and shot a huge load of jizz all over Trey's face.

"That was quite a cumbath," remarked Trey as he wiped the cum from his eyes. "A sticky mess is a sign of a good time," quipped Jake. I have to agree!
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Scene 2:

Dean had originally replied to an ad and was interested in doing a solo. We set up a time and about an hour before the shoot I got a message from his roommate Ben.

It seemed that Dean was a little nervous and wanted his roommate to come with him. Ben said he had done porn before and would be up for a solo as well. After seeing his picture I was all for it.

When they arrived, they said they had been talking in the car on the way over and were interested in doing a scene together. They had been roommates for a while and had joked about fooling around before, but they had never actually acted on it....until now.

Because they knew each other and felt safe, they wanted to fuck bare. I figured under the circumstances that would be hot.

It was fun watching the two of them explore each other and honestly seem to have a great time. Dean has a huge cock and tried topping, but when that didn't quite work out Ben was more than willing to take over.

They sucked, fucked, and Ben shot a nice load of jizz all over Dean's face. This was definitely one of the hottest scenes I have filmed so far.
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Scene 3:

Every now and then I do a little traveling,and it's always fun to see what hot college boys I can find along the way. This particular time I was in Atlanta where a cute 18 y/o named Aiden answered an ad saying that he had a friend... Leon... who would be interested in doing a scene with him. They had fooled around a little before,but living at home it was hard for them to really do much. They were planning to start college in the fall and were planning to share a dorm room together. They figured they could use this video as a way not only to make some cash,but also to get a jump on all the fun they'd be having once at school.

Neither one had ever been on camera before (although I believe they did a few other shoots after),and they were a little nervous. They start off by exploring each other's mouths with their tongues and slowly undressing each other.

They really seemed to be into each other which was hot to see. After stripping down to their sexy briefs,Aiden went to town eating Leon's teen hole. He then puts his lips on Leon's growing cock and starts pleasuring his buddy orally.

Leon returns the favor by working Aiden's love stick over with his tongue. Then with Aiden on his back,Leon slips a finger into his friend's eager hole. Soft moans are heard as Leon continues to finger fuck Aiden while he simultaneously stroked his buddy's shaft.

It wasn't long before it wasn't just a finger up Aiden's tight ass... and no condoms either. Leon had him moaning like a whore as he pumped his bare cock in and out. Leon then laid back... while still fucking... and had Aiden start riding him. You could tell from the moaning and "fuck yeahs" that Aiden was in heaven. He grinded on Leon's cock and really had some fun.

Leon then had Aiden kneel on the bed and put his ass in the air in full view of the camera. Leon continued fucking him doggie style until he just couldn't stand it anymore. His 18 y/o balls were full of jizz and he blasted a hot load all over Aiden's back!

They weren't finished yet,though,as Aiden puts Leon on his back and starts jerking off. Leon knew what was cumming and sheepishly waited for his prize. Aiden then nutted his pent up load all over Leon's face. Oh,to be 18 again!

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Fuck Me Raw - Bareback Compilation

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