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Scene 1:

When I first saw pictures of Christoff, I knew I had to get him naked on camera. He has a nice hairy chest and a great body. He had replied to an ad and, at first, was only interested in doing a video with a girl.

Christoff didn't have a car so I picked him up and brought him over to get to know him a little better. We talked for a while and took a few pictures. I really wanted to get this hottie naked, so I was pushing for him to do a jerk-off video. He really needed cash so, a few days later, we arranged to set up a solo shoot.

This hot little fucker got super horny watching porn and stayed hard throughout. He suggested having me shoot from under a piece of glass to really capture his cumshot; something I had thought about before but never had done it.

When he was ready to cum, he shot a HUGE load all over the glass covering it with his young jizz.

That was just round one, though, as he had more hot spunk where that came from. He wiped up the first load with his boxers and continued to stroke his hot cock. This time, I got completely under the glass and filmed it from underneath while he blew an equally huge second load.

I couldn't believe how much cum this boy shot. Possibly one... err... TWO of the hottest creamy loads I've ever filmed!
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Scene 2:

Jonny called me up saying he was really horny and wanted to come over and watch some porn. He has roommates and not much privacy at his place, so I said sure.

I showed him a bunch of videos I had and he was ready to go at it. "You might as well film it," he laughed as he started looking through the videos. Sounded like a good idea to me!

Jonny rubbed himself through his jeans as he continued looking at the selection and at the TV. Before long his shirt came off...then the jeans. He pulled his cock out over his boxers and started getting himself hard.

Jonny then grabbed the lube and slathered his hard cock with it. "Oh yeah," he moaned as he stripped off his boxers and laid there completely nude.

He really started to get into it as he laid back spread....rubbing his nuts and teasing his hairy hole with his fingers. The more he rubbed his hole and jerked his hard dick the more he moaned.

Then the moans got louder and more frequent, and I got the camera ready for the oncoming money shot. "Oh...Oh," he moaned as a nice thick glob of jizz squirted onto his tummy. I was definitely glad I grabbed my camera.
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Scene 3:

Everett is a broke 20 y/o college student that I had been talking to for about a month before he agreed to do a shoot. He had thought about doing porn for a while, but was nervous and we could never seem to connect up. After chatting back and forth for so long, though, we kind of developed a rapport and he agreed to come by.

Everett was a lot taller than I had expected...6 foot 5 and slim. We talked for a bit and he mentioned that he could self suck. This I had to see so he gave me a preview and boy he wasn't lying. Unfortunately he didn't want to do it on camera yet so that's a possibility should he ever return.

After doing a brief introduction he was ready to get to it. He stripped completely naked and started stroking his meat while moaning under his breath. As he stood there beating his hard cock I filmed from underneath looking up at him. I loved seeing his full balls in clear view as he played with himself. He then sat down and really spread his legs while continuing to masturbate. "Fuck me," he moaned under his breath. He then got in position to give us a really good view of his hairy hole. "You want that?' he asked. Before I had time to even think about how much I wanted that hot ass he had reached the point of no return. You hear, "I'm gonna cum!" and a nice load of hot creamy jizz squirts out and lands on his leg. I think it even surprised him. After a great cumshot I asked him how it felt. "Intense," he replied. I hope he comes back for more.

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