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Best Of Southern College Boys #1

Scene 1:

This is a shortened scene from the original Southern College Boys video. Kale and Tyler have been friends since high school,and Kale has always kind of had a thing for Tyler. Tyler had just turned 18 and Kale convinced him to try gay porn to make some extra cash...especially since Tyler always gets hit on by gay guys. Tyler is straight with a girlfriend but had done oral with guys before. He had never tried gay sex but figured what the heck.....especially if his first time was with Kale.

After a brief intro I fast forward to when Kale started fucking Tyler's virgin ass. Tyler was VERY tight and Kale has a thick cock. Tyler really moaned when Kale's thick cock started up his hot hole.

I didn't think he would go through with it,but after they got started they really got into it. Kale was pounding his buddy in different positions while Tyler moaned like a bitch. Tyler even started telling Kale to give it to him. Finally Kale bent Tyler over the bed,fucked him hard,and then cummed all over his back.

Scene 2:

This is a shortened scene from Southern College Boys #2. Kale has a thing for 18 y/o guys. After taking his friend Tyler's cherry in Southern College Boys #1,he's back with another college boy named Tyler...Tyler Reid. Tyler Reid had just turned 18 and couldn't wait to get naked and fuck on camera.

After seeing the size of Kale's thick cock,he decided just to top for now. He wasn't sure about having Kale's meat up his tight boy pussy just yet,but he enjoyed being finger fucked by Kale.

They sucked,rimmed,and Tyler fucked Kale's hole good in different positions. Kale is versatile and really loved have a cock up his hot ass. At the end,they both jerked off laying next to each other and shot nice creamy loads of spunk on themselves. I think they will both be back for more.

Scene 3:

This is a shortened scene from Southern College Boys #3. I met David at a restaurant he was working at and initially shot a solo j/o video of him. That went well and he asked if there was anything else he could do. Well solos only go so far,so I mentioned having him do stuff with guys. He's straight but needed cash so he was open to whatever.

Eli really thought David was hot and asked if he could do a video with him so I paired them up. The idea was that Eli would fuck David (since David didn't think he could stay hard enough to fuck a guy),but David is so tight and Eli is pretty thick.

Eli used a dildo on David's virgin hole,but it was soon very apparent that his cock wasn't going in there that night. They both did oral,and after watching straight porn,David was able to get hard enough to give Eli a good pounding. David was actually the first to get hard and cum on Eli. Eli jerked off a load after that. Remember David had never even jerked off with another guy before this so I hope you enjoy watching his first time ever with another guy.

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Best Of Southern College Boys #1

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