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Texas Twat - Woody Bangs Amber

This was one of my first videos and I went a little crazy snapping pics with my still camera during filming,but hopefully it doesn't cause too much of a distraction.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Amber was attending college and was going to be short on rent so she asked if she could do a video. She had never been filmed before,but she didn't seem to have any problem letting me capture her hot body while she was felt up and fucked hard by Woody. Woody knew Amber but they had never had sex with each other until now. Woody had never been on camera before either,but he figured this was a great chance to get laid by a hot girl.

He starts off undressing her and fingering her sweet pussy. Amber sucked Woody's big cock and after realizing how big it was said that she didn't want it in her ass. After he started fucking her,they did it in more positions than I even knew existed...all over the living room floor. Woody knew how to work his cock and had Amber moaning until he finally blew a hot load all over her tummy.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

After they rested for a while they moved to the bedroom and decided it was time for round two. They sucked and fucked some more and Woody nutted inside Amber's sweet pussy.

We were hoping to see a cream pie,but Woody wasn't able to find the cum. He wasn't sure if maybe he pulled out too soon or maybe didn't cum as big as he thought. He probed around inside her looking just to be sure though.
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Texas Twat - Woody Bangs Amber

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