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ShowGuys #52 - Allen and Bruce

Allen is a hot Asian top with a nice big dick and Bruce is a hot Hispanic with a huge pyramid shaped dick with a hook at the end. Bruce is also completely versatile. So Sam thought it would be fun to see the big hunk fucked by the smaller hunk. They start with a lot of very wet kissing and Bruce gets Allen's pants down around his knees and starts deep-throating him,followed by Allen returning the favor. Allen loves Bruce's thick crooked prick and proves to be a fabulous cock sucker. They shed their pants and resume the kissing,and Bruce picks Allen up,Allen wraps his legs around Bruce,and Bruce shows the world Allen's ass. Bruce uses his mouth to play with Allen's foreskin. Sam has Allen spread Bruce's cheeks for the camera and Allen even inserts a spit covered finger up his ass hole. Bruce's moans of pleasure fill the studio. Bruce lies down on his back and Allen fucks his face and sucks his dick. Allen continues with the ass play,and gives Bruce's hole a great rimming. All the while the chat room has been wildly speculating on who will be the top. And their question is finally answered when Allen dons a condom,Bruce lubes up his hole,and Allen starts fucking him. They start out doggie style,then Bruce lies on his back with his legs in the air and Allen shoves his hard rod home,and pounds away. They take a break and,surprise surprise,Allen decides to try to get fucked. So this time Bruce puts on a condom,and Allen lubes up his own ass. Allen decides the easiest position would be to sit on Bruce's thick pole,and after some difficulty,Allen impales himself in the frog position. Allen's rock hard dick bounces up and down as Bruce pumps into him. They go back to doggie style,until they both are about to cum. The two studs get on their knees and jerk off,all the while kissing passionately. Bruce shoots first,a great huge spurting load,almost immediately followed by Allen's thick gooey orgasm. And so everybody in the chat room wins those who bet Allen would fuck Bruce,and those who bet Bruce would fuck Allen!

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ShowGuys #52 - Allen and Bruce

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