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ShowGuys #46
Ethan Marc and Dean Edwards

Ethan Marc and Dean Edwards meet when Sam the Cameraman invites them to a dinner party,and it is lust at first sight. So,of course,Sam arranges a scene for ShowGuys Video. They are both so horny that on arrival on the set they waste no time,throw off their clothes,and start carrying on even before the camera starts rolling. Both dicks are rock hard from the start,and both guys have spent many hours in the gym,so together they create a gorgeous picture of nude male pulchritude. They alternate sucking each other’s beautiful stiff rods and shoving their tongues down each other’s throats. Ethan lies down,Dean sits on top and they compare their dicks,which are practically identical except Dean’s is straight and Ethan’s is curved. Sam has the guys show off their hot ass holes and then Dean gets busy rimming Ethan,and licks up and down Ethan’s cock,balls,and crack. Ethan lies down,Dean sits on his face,and Ethan gets to shove his tongue up Dean’s delectable love canal. The guys go in the sixty-nine position; the sound of slurping fills the room. More kissing,sucking,licking and rimming follow – the studs are insatiable. But finally both guys want to start fucking. Ethan’s twitching hole is longing for Dean’s fat pole,so Dean puts on a condom,lubes up and slides home. They start fucking doggie-style,but Sam soon has Dean lie on his back and Ethan sit on him with his back to the camera. Dean next puts Ethan on his back with his legs in the air and enters him once again. The two perfect tanned bodies work as one. They go into the spoon position and from there they assume the frog position. Ethan’s throbbing prick is a sight to behold as he bounces up and down on Dean’s rock hard fulcrum. But then Dean drops a bombshell,and announces to the world that they are going to flip-flop,and Ethan is now going to fuck him. So Ethan sheathes up,Dean lubes up and sits on Ethan’s dick which slides up Dean’s hot chute. Ethan later confesses to Sam that although he was versatile in his private life,this was the first time he had ever been able to top in front of the camera. Dean is now on his back with his legs in the air,and Ethan continues plowing him. And the feeling of Ethan’s love stick deep inside him sends Dean over the edge and he shoots his load all over his own stomach. Ethan pulls out and,with Dean’s assistance,jerks himself off,and soon we see his white hot cum. And a scene that practically ignited the ShowGuys set sadly comes to an end.

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ShowGuys #46 - Ethan Marc and Dean Edwards

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