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ShowGuys #450
Asoka and Nico

Nico is an adorable young Italian,whose innocent looks belie the fact he is a complete sex pig,who loves older,hairy men. Asoka fills the bill to perfection. The guys are already into their sex games when the scene starts,Nico sucking Asoka,then the two kissing with Asoka shoving his fingers up Nico's ass.

Asoka pulls Nico around,bends him over,and begins one of his favorite sexual exercises,rimming. He spreads Nico's hot bubble butt wide open and buries his face and tongue up the exposed hole,causing Nico to moan in pleasure. And while this is happening,Nico is playing with Asoka's huge,uncut cock. Asoka lies on his back and Nico sits on his face and wallows around on Asoka's tongue.

Asoka again slams his fingers up Nico's ass. He puts on a condom and keeps fingering Nico,then puts Nico on his hands and knees and shoves his big dick up into the lad. Asoka is merciless,ferociously pounding Nico's ass. He goes up on his feet to get even deeper penetration,then falls back while pulling Nico up,and suddenly we get the frog. Nico's cock,(also uncut),is hard as a rock,waving wildly around as Asoka slams up into him.

Asoka pushes Nico on his back,and the punishment continues. The sex these guys are having borders on the savage,and both studs are obviously loving it. Asoka again goes on his back,and Nico sits on him with his back to the camera,and continues bouncing. The action gets wilder and wilder. Asoka inserts two fingers along with his dick up Nico's ass. Asoka takes a break,and Nico chats with Sam and poses for the camera.

Nico kneels down with his ass to the camera,and spreads his cheeks just as Asoka returns and again sticks a couple of fingers into the exposed hole. Asoka's tongue joins his fingers inside Nico. Asoka bends Nico over the mantle,re-condoms,and rams his weapon into him.

Asoka stands up,and Nico sucks his dick while jerking himself. Nico bits the head of Asoka's cock which drives the older man crazy,then grabs the foreskin with his teeth,and pulls on it. Asoka stands on the couch over Asoka,and Asoka sucks and bites his cock. And suddenly Nico can't hold out any longer,and shoots his load all over Asoka.

Now Asoka jerks himself while Nico plays with his nipples and fingers his balls. And Asoka now experiences a gut-wrenching orgasm,spewing thick white goo over his own hand and down his dick. The guys kiss one last time,wave goodbye,and one hell of a hot show ends.
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ShowGuys #450 - Asoka and Nico

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