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ShowGuys #429
Tim and David Chase

Two hairy guys are discovered stark naked at the top of the scene; favorite Tim,who has let his chest hair grow,and newcummer David Chase. They get into action very quickly,kissing (with lots of tongue),and then David licks his way down Tim's body and starts sucking his cock,causing loud moans of pleasure from Tim. In fact,David loves to suck dick,and proves himself to be a master at deep throating. Of course,Tim is hard as a rock.

But now Tim proves that he is no slouch at sucking cock,and now the moans are coming from David. Tim straddles David's head,and fucks his face,then David lies with his head over the edge of the bed,Tim stands up,and continues driving his hard cock down David's throat. Tim gets on his hands and knees on the bed,David spreads Tim's ass cheeks,and shoves his tongue deep into the exposed hole. And it's no surprise that David is as good at rimming as he is at cock sucking.

But now they exchange positions,and Tim shows that he is also a great rimmer. Tim lies down and David goes back to deep throating the long thick piece of meat. David lies on his back,Tim squats over him,and fucks himself on David's tongue. But it's time to start the fucking.

Tim lies on his back,David gets on top,and Tim's cock slides up into David's innards. Tim starts slowly,but soon he is slamming up into David whose moans of pleasure fill the studio. David turns around to face the camera,and the pounding continues. David is a true power bottom. They roll into the spoon,and we get even better penetration shots.

They take a break,but Tim is soon back to plowing David doggie style. Finally Tim fucks David in the missionary position which causes him almost immediately to shoot his load. Tim pulls out and jerks off to his own exciting climax,adding his thick white jism to the mess on David's stomach. The studs get on their knees and pose for the camera,kiss one last time,and wave goodbye.
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ShowGuys #429 - Tim and David Chase

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