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Best Of ShowGuys #399
Casey Young and His Twinks


Neither Casey Young nor Derrek Scott was scheduled for this shoot,but due to a couple of emergencies,they wind up together,in front of the camera,to play with each other for the first time. It is obvious that there is great chemistry between the two guys,and they waste no time getting into hot and heavy action. Derrek has a huge bulge in the front of his briefs,and Casey quickly exposes Derrek’s rock hard cock. Casey takes his jeans off showing us another rock hard dick that happens to be eight inches long. Derrek climbs atop Casey and we see Casey’s weapon rubbing up and down the crack of Derrek’s bubble butt.

The shirts come off and how both boys are totally naked. They show off their beautiful slim bodies,and do a little dick dueling. Derrek loves to suck,so he takes Casey’s cock in his mouth and swallows every inch of it. But Casey also like a dick down his throat,so now he sucks Derrek. Derrek lies on his back,Casey straddles him,and gets his balls serviced. He pulls Derrek’s legs up and licks all around the exposed hole. He also once again exhibits his talent for deep-throating. Casey gets on his hands and knees and shows us his ass hole. Derrek has already announced he loves to rim,and now he proves it,much to Casey’s delight. Casey returns the favor,in spades. The guys sixty-nine,but decide to move on to the anal part of the show.

Casey lies down,and Derrek sits on him. The long pole slides home,and Derrek starts bouncing. He turns around into a spectacular frog,and then they roll into the spoon,followed by the missionary position. Casey keeps thrusting relentlessly. His long hard cock pounds up into Derrek’s waiting ass. Derrek likes to cum while being fucked,so he gets on his back,Casey re-enters him,and he jerks himself to an incredible spurting climax,hitting his face,the bed,and the floor beyond. Now Casey gets on his back,and with Derrek beside him and helping him with a finger up his butt,soon achieves his own exciting climax. The two beautiful young men kiss,and wave goodbye.
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Two of ShowGuys’ favorite twinks finally get together,and they instantly take to each other,just as Sam had predicted. The two stud-pups look great – Casey tall and pale,and Enrique shorter and dark. They also both have killer smiles. They start with some very heavy kissing and feeling around each other’s crotches. Enrique gets on his hands and knees,and Casey exposes one of the prettiest bubble butts in front of the camera today. Casey loves to rim,and wastes no time getting his tongue into Enrique’s hole. Next Enrique gets Casey’s pants off,showing us the very long,curved,cut cock,and in short order gets every inch of it down his throat.

Enrique lies on his back,Casey straddles his head,and Enrique goes to work with his tongue on Casey’s balls and cock. Casey pulls Enrique’s legs into the air,and gets back to rimming the exposed hole. He puts Enrique’s dick in his mouth,and shoves a finger up his ass. The guys sixty-nine,and then Casey does push-ups into Enrique’s mouth. But they can’t wait for the fucking to start,so Casey puts on a condom and lies down,Enrique climbs on top,and the long piece with the thick head slides deep into Enrique’s innards. Enrique’s hole seems to devour the hard dick. At first Casey is pumping up into Enrique,but Enrique gets on his feet and now he starts riding Casey. Enrique turns around into the frog,and once again shows us his mastery of the position. The penetration shots are incredible,and Enrique is as hard as a rock.

They roll over so Casey is on his knees over Enrique in their own version of the missionary position. After a break,Enrique stands up and Casey enters him from behind with long,slow,penetrating strokes,and then,with Enrique firmly speared on his cock,Casey lies down with Enrique sitting on him facing the camera,and then they roll into the missionary position. Enrique loves to cum while being fucked,and Casey is happy to oblige. And very soon,feeling Casey’s dick slamming against his prostate,Enrique spews his seed all over his own stomach. Casey lies down,and almost immediately shoots a huge load. The beautiful young men kiss each other,blow a kiss to the camera,and head for the showers.
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Ever since ShowGuys moved to Florida,Casey Young has been one of our favorite tops – tall,personable,and hung. And in Damien we have an equally persuasive,hot and beautiful bottom. Almost immediately Casey reaches into Damien’s shorts,and pulls out a large,thick,and very hard dick. Damien gets Casey naked and goes down on the long,hard cock. Damien loves to suck dick,and delights in licking the head and inhaling the length of Casey’s impressive weapon. Casey also loves to suck cock,and he now shows off his considerable talents on Damien.

After a period of heavy kissing while fondling each other’s dicks,Casey puts Damien on his hands and knees and shows us how good he is at rimming,burying his face and tongue in Damien’s beautiful butt. Casey gets on his knees,and Damien goes back to sucking and licking the protruding piece. We get some dick dueling and more kissing. Casey straddles Damien’s face and gets his balls licked,then the guys sixty-nine. Damien gets on top of Casey and Casey sucks his cock,rims his ass,and sticks a finger into the hot hole. But the guys can’t wait to fuck,so Casey lied down,and Damien sits on him,and slowly eases Casey’s cock up his very tight ass.

Finally Casey in embedded in the boy’s insides,and the penetration commences. They go into the missionary position and Casey continues to plow the lad with slow,penetrating stokes. Casey lies down once more,and Damien sits on him facing away from the camera,and then turns around into the frog position. They continue in the spoon position,then fuck doggie style. After a short break,Damien gets on his hands and knees on the bed,Casey stands behind him,and shoves his cock back into the hungry hole. But Damien loves to cum while getting fucked,so they go back to the missionary position,and almost immediately Casey’s dick probing his prostate pushes Damien into an explosion of cum. Casey pulls his cock out,lies beside Damien,and jerks off to his own intense,spewing orgasm. Two very hot and very nice young men kiss and wave goodbye.
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Two of ShowGuys’ most appealing young men,Casey Young and Skyler Lee,meet for the first time. They both like to kiss,so this occupies the first few minutes while their hands explore the bulges in each other’s underwear. Skyler pulls Casey’s long curved cock out,and goes down on it. Casey exposes Skyler’s chest and stomach with a fine covering of hair,which looks incongruous on the extremely youthful looking boy. Soon both are naked; Casey plays with Skyler’s dick while Skyler sucks Casey’s. But Casey soon has Skyler’s cock down his throat and the guys have a great time sixty-nining. Casey straddles Skyler’s head,and plays with his dick while Skyler is licking Casey’s balls.

Casey drops forward and pulls Skyler’s legs up exposing his hot ass hole,and starts fingering. Skyler’s dick is now at full erection,and a beautiful sight it is,sticking straight up from his body. Skyler gets on his hands and knees and Casey gives his hot bubble butt a working out,using his fingers and his mouth. Casey loves to play with a hot ass and Skyler has one of the hottest. The smile on Skyler’s face attests to Casey’s expertise. But Skyler also loves to rim,so he puts Casey on his hands and knees and exposes the pink hairless hole,which he tickles with his tongue. Now Casey lies on his back and Skyler fucks himself on Casey’s tongue. But it’s time for Casey to put his dick where his tongue has been.

So Skyler lies on his stomach,and Casey eases his long,hard weapon into him. Skyler turns onto his back and Casey fucks him in the missionary position. They bring their asses to the camera,and Casey goes up on his feet,giving us great penetration shots. But after a break,we get the requisite “froggie” the chat room is clamoring for,and a great frog it is! Skyler turns around so his back is towards the camera,and Casey pounds up into him. Now both guys get on their knees and jerk off. Casey shoots first,great spurts of cum hitting Skyler’s body,and then Skyler lets go his own creamy load. We get another shot of the two beautiful dicks,and the two beautiful smiles,and the boys wave goodbye.
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Best Of ShowGuys #399 - Casey Young and His Twinks

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