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ShowGuys #379
Jason White and Billy Parks

This is Billy Parks' (AKA Jarrad Parks) first scene ever,and here he is paired with tall,dark,and hung,Jason White. Both lads are in their undershorts,and start the scene with a lot of deep kissing. Jason has two pierced nipples and Billy is soon tonguing them,which causes a noticeable bulge in Jason's star-studded,yellow bikini. Billy reaches into Jason's underwear,pulls out the monster he finds,and shoves it down his throat. The guys strip naked,and now we get to see Jason's mighty cock in all its glory. Billy stands up,Jason kneels down,and starts sucking on Billy's own considerable endowment. Billy lies on his back,Jason straddles his head,and fucks Billy's mouth. Jason drops forward,pulls Billy's legs in the air,and continues sucking him,while showing off his hot hole.

Jason sticks first one,then two fingers up Billy's ass,which causes moans of pleasure to come from the younger man. But now Jason lies on his back,and Billy sticks a finger up his ass while playing with and deep-throating the monster cock. Billy realizes Jason's dick is thicker that his wrist. The guys get on their knees and show off their endowment. Now the time has come to see if Billy's ass hole can accommodate Jason's weapon. So Jason lies down,and Billy sits on the might cock which slowly slides up into Billy's innards.

It takes Billy a few moments to get used to Jason's sheer size,and Sam comments that it looks as if Billy has an arm up his ass. But soon Billy is riding Jason with a vengeance. Now Jason takes over,and slams up into Billy,his strokes getting wilder and wilder. Billy turns around into the frog,and Jason really goes wild; the sound of flesh slapping against flesh,along with Billy's moans of pleasure,fill the room. They change positions,and Jason fucks Billy doggie style. And again Jason is ferocious in his pounding. After a short break,the guys go into the missionary position,then Billy gets back on his hands and knees with his ass towards the camera,and Jason mounts him from above,giving some unbelievable penetration shots. They roll into the spoon position,and Jason keeps up the incredible punishment of Billy's hungry hole. Finally the two guys lie side by side and jerk off. Jason shoots first,huge wads of thick gooey cum,and with some help from Jason shoving his finger up Billy's ass,Billy lets go his own load. Two hot and tired guys kiss one last time,and wave goodbye.
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ShowGuys #379 - Jason White and Billy Parks

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