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ShowGuys #360
Felix Andrews (with Casey Young)

One of our favorite models ever is Felix Andrews,and here he is supposedly doing a solo. However,as you will soon see,Casey Young has other ideas in his mind. The scene opens with Sam and Casey chatting with Felix about his recent move to Las Vegas and his New Year’s plans,and the fact that he has let his chest hair grow. But Felix’s shirt comes off and Casey enters the scene and gets Felix’s underwear off. The two get on their knees and get into some deep kissing,while Casey plays with Felix’s engorged,uncut dick. Felix stands up,and Casey shows us once again just what a great cock sucker he is,taking every inch of Felix’s piece of steel down his throat.

Now Casey stands up,drops his drawers,and Felix sucks him,in record time,to full erection,causing Casey to exclaim how fantastic Felix’s deep-throating abilities are. The two sit next to each other and make out,while stroking each other’s hard weapons. These studs are very obviously attracted to each other. Casey nibble on Felix’s nipples,then gets on his knees and Felix gets back to work with his mouth on Casey’s cock. Not to be outdone,Casey pushes Felix back on the couch and once more goes down on him,causing an explosion of precum to shoot from Felix’s cock into Casey’s mouth. Felix slides forward and throws his legs in the air,and Casey shoves first one then two fingers up into the exposed,twitching hole. Felix obviously loves having something up his ass,and groans with pleasure as Casey methodically massages his prostate.

Casey stands up and shows off his impressive cock,which looks even larger due to Casey having trimmed his pubes closer than usual. And of course,Felix has to get it back down his throat. Felix stands up,and the two kiss,and then Casey gets back on his knees and sucks on and plays with Felix’s beautiful uncut dick. Casey sits on the sofa,Felix climbs on top and gets sucked while Casey fingers his asshole,then Felix lets Casey’s cock rub up and down his ass. But now Felix sits on the sofa,Casey gets on his knees,and Felix uses his mouth and his hands to cause Casey to shoot an enormous load all over himself and Felix. Now Casey gets on his hands and knees,and sucks and strokes Felix to his own terrific climax,which Casey eagerly laps up. Two terrific guys,kiss,wave goodbye,(Casey with his dick),and head for the showers.

Next we get a short scene of Felix in the showers with Casey manning the camera,and the banter between the two continues.

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ShowGuys #360
Felix Andrews (with Casey Young)

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