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ShowGuys #359
Luke Riley and Brock

One of the most fun shoots on ShowGuys happened when blond favorite Luke Riley brings his new and older boyfriend Brock to the set. The scene starts with the two naked hunks lying on top of each other,but when they get on their knees we see two raging hardons. Luke discovered Brock in Orlando,and the two became fuck buddies. Luke starts the sucking,treating Brock’s very thick,pyramid dick like a favorite lollipop. But it’s Brock’s turn. So Luke lies on his back and Brock shows how good he is at deep-throating,taking all of Luke’s large tool all the way down his throat with no problem at all.

Luke gets on his hands and knees with his incredible bubble butt towards the camera,and Brock spreads the delectable cheeks and buries his face. Brock climbs on top and lets Luke’s cock ride up and down his ass. Brock turns around,straddles Luke’s head,and gets his balls licked,then drops forward and goes back to sucking Luke’s cock. Luke lies with his head over the edge of the bed,Brock stands up,and fucks Luke’s face. Both guys have bodies,as well as dicks,that are as hard as steel. They get on their knees and Luke licks Brock’s armpits,then sucks him back to full erection.

But it’s Luke who puts a condom on his steel-like weapon,pulls Brock’s legs into the air,shoves his dick into the eager hole,and starts thrusting,while both guys talk about their first sexual experiences together. They bring their asses towards the camera,and Luke pounds down into Brock. Luke lies down on Brock,they roll over,and now Luke is pounding up into Brock with a vengeance. They take a short break,and Casey discusses with Luke his gradual switch from a power bottom to a power top. Luke finds a paddle,and whacks Brock’s ass,then Brock chooses a huge dildo and shoves it up into Luke,who writhes in pleasure while jerking his own cock. And the feel of the dildo up his ass and his hand on his dick cause Luke to explode in a geyser of cum. The studs get on their knees facing the camera,wave goodbye,and a greatly enjoyable scene ends.

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ShowGuys #359
Luke Riley and Brock

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