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The Best Of ShowGuys #355
ShowGuys Features Justin Wells


Hot,handsome,and incredibly personable porn star Justin Wells is visiting South Florida and is paired with favorite bottom,beautiful Skyler Lee,who arrives at the studio,strips off his clothes,and jumps on the bed next to Justin. But Skyler wants to see Justin naked,and very shortly Justin too is starkers. Skyler pounces on the cock he has only seen pictures of,and soon sucks it to its full eight inches. Justin has a beautiful dick,long and straight,and Skyler,with some coaching from Justin,manages to get every inch of it down his throat. Justin gives him two thumbs up! Skyler lies down,Justin straddles his head,and Skyler goes to work with his tongue on Justin’s balls.

But now Justin drops forward and starts sucking Skyler’s cock and licking his balls while fingering his ass. Justin pulls Skyler’s legs up exposing a very hot ass hole,and starts to rim. Justin gets up on his knees and fucks Skyler’s mouth,and then Justin gets on his hands and knees and Skyler worships his ass with his tongue and his fingers. Skyler loves to rim almost as much as he loves to deep throat,and Justin is happy to indulge the lad. They reverse positions and Justin goes back to eating Skyler’s ass. But Justin wants more than his tongue up Skyler’s hole,so he puts Skyler on his stomach and shoves his dick into the hungry hole,and starts thrusting,slowly at first,but with ever increasing ferocity. Justin lies down on Skyler,the guys roll over,and suddenly we have the frog position,with Justin pounding madly up into the younger man. They take a break,and Justin puts Skyler over his knees and spanks him. Skyler loves it! Justin lies back,Skyler pushes his legs into the air,and continues rimming and fingering the beautiful hole.

But its time for more fucking,so after getting Skyler to suck him back to full erection,Justin reenters him in the missionary position. And the prolonged punishment on his prostate pushes Skyler over the edge,and he shoots a load of white stuff all over himself. Now Justin lies down,and with Skyler helping by sucking him,strokes himself to an incredibly,gut-wrenching explosion. Skyler licks up the cum from Justin’s body. Two beautiful hot guys kiss,wave goodbye,and a wonderful,sexy and fun scene ends.

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Our very favorite pornstar Justin Wells is back in town and here he is paired with an absolutely adorable nineteen year old,Tristan Tucker,whose innocent boyish appearance covers up an incredibly horny sex-piglet. The shorts come off revealing matching underwear. Tristan gets Justin naked,and as usual,he is already hard. Justin strips Tristan showing us an incredible bubble butt. Tristan starts sucking Justin’s straight hard pole. Justin has a way of teaching his partners how to deep throat,and Tristan is soon inhaling the entire eight inches. Justin puts Tristan on his back and sucks his dick,then Tristan lies with his head hanging over the edge of the bed and Justin fucks his face. This brings Tristan to full erection.

Tristan turns over,and Justin plays with the beautiful ass,then opens it up and inserts his tongue,driving Tristan crazy. But both guys want to start fucking,so without further ado,Justin dons a condom,Tristan gets on his hands and knees,and Justin shoves his long hard weapon deep into the lad’s innards. Justin starts slowly,but his strokes increase in intensity until he is ramming Tristan’s ass. They roll over so Justin is on his back,and we get a terrific frog. Justin is like a machine,thrusting so relentlessly up into Tristan that Sam has to caution them not to shoot yet. After a bathroom break,Tristan lies down,Justin straddles his head,and Tristan licks Justin’s balls,then Justin drops forward and sucks Tristan’s hard cock.

But it’s time for round two. Justin re-condoms and lies down,and Tristan sits on him facing away from the camera,and the pounding recommences. Justin is relentless,but Tristan can take anything he dishes out. Tristan turns around into a second and even better frog,followed by more doggie-style. Finally Tristan gets on his back,Justin enters him in the missionary position,and the fucking soon causes Tristan to shoot his load all over himself. Justin lies down and jerks himself,but decides it would be easier to cum fucking Tristan. So he re-enters the boy,and soon is shooting his huge load of cum across Tristan’s body. Two happy but exhausted studs kiss,and a scorching scene ends.

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Justin Wells,with his handsome face,incredibly tight sexy body,and long hard dick,is one of the top porn stars in front of the camera today,and here he is paired with a young and very attractive new favorite,Tucker. Tucker soon gets Justin naked,and begins deep-throating the already erect cock. Justin then strips Tucker,and sucks his long dick until he too is hard. After taking a look at Tucker’s beautiful ass,Justin gets on his knees and fucks Tucker’s face.

But Tucker loves to rim,so he turns Justin around,and sinks his mouth into the crack between the two rounded mounds. Justin helps by spreading his own cheeks. Justin puts the younger man on his back and goes back to fucking his face and slapping his eager tongue with his extremely long stiff weapon. But Justin too is an ass man,and he turns Tucker around,spreads his cheeks and shoves his tongue into the hot hole. Tucker loves this. The studs give us some sixty-nining,and Justin goes back to fucking Tucker’s face. Justin stands up,bends over the railing,and Tucker continues eating out his ass,which drives Justin crazy. Justin then returns the favor,again to Tucker’s visible delight.

But both guys want to move on to the fucking. So Tucker gets on his hands and knees,and Justin shoves his cock into him doggie-style,and starts thrusting. Next Justin arranges Tristan with his ass to the camera,and continues the pounding,giving us great penetration shots. They then roll over into the frog position,and Justin really punishes Tucker’s ass,which causes Tucker to get even harder than he already is. They then roll into the spoon position,and then take a break because Justin is getting too close to cumming. Now Tucker grabs the railing and Justin fucks him from behind. After another break,Tucker once again sits on Justin’s dick,this time with his back to the camera. Finally they lie side by side,and jerk off. Tucker shoots first,soon followed by an incredible gut-wrenching orgasm from Justin. The viewers comment that this is one of ShowGuys’ hottest shows ever,and two very sexy studs kiss and wave goodbye.

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Two of ShowGuys’ sexiest men are back in town,porn super-star Justin Wells,and soon to be porn star Luke Riley. The guys start naked and hard with the camera focusing on two perfect penises. Justin is the first to get a cock in his mouth,and Luke happily fucks his face. Justin’s sheer joy in gay sex shows in every frame. Now Justin stands up,Luke sits down (with his dick sticking straight up) and sucks on Justin’s hard protruding weapon,taking it all the way down his throat. Justin is in seventh heaven as he shoves his cock into Luke’s mouth. Justin puts Luke on his back,and fucks his face; this guy knows exactly where the camera is at every minute and makes sure we see everything we want to see. The studs sixty-nine,and Justin pulls Luke’s legs up exposing the pale,hairless hole into which he sticks a finger,all the while fucking Luke’s face.

The guys get on their knees and make out while showing off their bodies and hard dicks. Justin lies down,Luke climbs on top,and Justin’s dick rides up and down Luke’s crack. Justin lubes up his hand and shoves first one,then two and finally three fingers up Luke’s eager hole. But now comes a new twist. Justin takes a bright red dildo and shoves it into Luke’s ass.

But Luke wants to get fucked by the real thing,so he gets on his back with his legs in the air,and Justin shoves his sheathed cock into the lad and starts thrusting,causing moans of pleasure to emanate from Luke. Now Just lies on his back and Luke sits on him facing the camera,and we get our first frog of the scene,and a great frog it is,with Justin pounding up into Luke,and Luke’s cock bouncing wildly around. Luke turns around and the wildness continues; the sound of flesh slapping flesh fills the studio. After a short break,Luke gets on his hands and knees and Justin fucks him doggie style,first across camera,then with their asses toward the camera. Finally the studs go into the missionary position,a sure sign that Luke will soon shoot. And sure enough,Justin’s cock pounding up his hole causes Luke to spew his load all over himself. Justin lies down,and with Luke tonguing his nipples,jerks himself off to his own stupendous climax. Two perfectly attuned great gay porn performers wave goodbye.

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The Best Of ShowGuys #355
ShowGuys Features Justin Wells

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