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ShowGuys #188
Spike and Jesse James

Jesse James has made his life’s work finding and getting fucked by the world’s biggest dicks. So,when the top originally scheduled for this show cancelled at the last minute,Jesse was thrilled that the replacement was Spike with his famous spike. Jesse wastes no time going down on Spike,and amazingly takes all nine by six inches down his throat. Jesse straddles Spike and fucks his face while Spike spreads Jesse’s ass cheeks and shows off the pink hairless hole. Jesse backs up so the monster can rub up and down his crack,while getting spanked by Spike. Jesse lies on his back,and now Spike fucks his face while Jesse spreads his ass for the camera. Spike drives his cock all the way down Jesse’s throat,until the gag reflex finally sets in. Spike pulls Jesse’s legs into the air,and shoves his tongue and a finger into the hot hole. Spike is one of the world’s best rimmers,and Jesse moans in appreciation. Spike gets over Jesse and slaps his face with his cock,and then pours liberal amounts of lube into his ass,puts on an extra large condom,and very slowly slides his huge pole up Jesse’s ass until it is totally buried. Jesse’s cries become more and more intense as Spike’s strokes increase in speed. Spike lies on his back and Jesse sits on him; the thickness of Spike’s dick makes it look like Jesse has an arm up his rear end. Jesse turns around and sits back down in the frog position; Spike continues the punishment. They take a break and do some making out,but Spike soon re-condoms,Jesse gets on his hands and knees with his ass in the air,and Spike fucks him from above. They then roll into the spoon position. After another break,Jesse grabs the mantle,and Spike enters him from behind. Jesse now lies on his back and Spike plows him in the missionary position. Jesse asks Spike to cum in his mouth,so Spike gets on his knees,jerks himself off,and sends his usual copious load onto Jesse’s face and into his waiting mouth. Jesse greedily slurps up all the cum he can get. And,as so often happens,an unplanned event turns into a great scene.

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ShowGuys #188
Spike and Jesse James

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