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ShowGuys #118
Dylan West and Nicholi

Dylan West,a great ShowGuys favorite,has returned to NYC,and Sam pairs him with adorable newcomer,Nicholi. The two make a great contrast,Dylan,the tall handsome top with the mushroom headed dick,and Nicholi,young,boyish,small and a total bottom. The guys begin kissing and Nicholi pulls Dylan’s huge cock out of his underwear and goes down on it. The boy may look like a baby,but he certainly knows what he is doing in the sex department as evidenced by his expert sucking,which elicits moans of pleasure from Dylan. Nicholi pulls Dylan’s foreskin forward and nibbles on it,then stands on the bed and Dylan sucks on him. The guys go back to kissing and feeling each other up,which brings Nicholi to full erection. Dylan turns Nicholi around,spreads his ass cheeks,and performs some mild spanking,while Nicholi is deep-throating him. Dylan stands up,Nicholi does a handstand on the bed,Dylan picks him up in his arms,and the two achieve a vertical sixty-nine. Dylan lies down,Nicholi straddles him,gets his balls licked,and then they sixty-nine some more. Nicholi goes back on his hands and knees,and we get some serious ass play,including the sport Dylan loves so dearly - rimming. Finally Dylan puts on protection,lubes himself and Nichol up,Nicholi lies on his back,Dylan pulls his legs into the air,and eases his huge knobbed dick up the lad’s hot hole. The pounding begins. They go into doggie-style,and then into the frog position. Dylan turns Nicholi around and stands up with Nicholi impaled on his pole of steel. Dylan puts Nicholi back on the bed and continues thrusting. Throughout this entire fucking sequence Dylan has never pulled out of Nichol’s ass. Finally the constant pounding pushes Nicholi past the point of no return,and he erupts with a white hot load all over his stomach. Dylan rips off his condom and jerks himself to an incredible load that covers Nicholi’s face and body. They guys kiss again and wave goodbye,while the watching chat room is saying that this is one of ShowGuys’ hottest scenes ever!

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ShowGuys #118 - Dylan West and Nicholi

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