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SHO530 ShowGuys #530 - Tucker Forrest & John Stone - Amateur Porn Video

40 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Tucker Forrest and John Stone have had a history in private, but this is their first appearance together in front of the camera. They start in their underwear; Tucker is as slender and boyish as ever, and John is a beefy hunk with a large, thick, hard cock snaking out of his briefs. There s a lot of kissing with a lot on tongue, then Tucker licks down John s body and starts sucking John s dick. Tucker gets John naked and continues sucking the thick, hard piece. Now Tucker gets naked, and John starts licking the large weapon with the Prince Albert. Tucker deep throats John while John plays with Tucker s ass, and spanks him. They get on their hands and knees with their asses to the camera, and spread each others ass cheeks.

SHO529 ShowGuys #529 - Luke Riley alone & with Egypt - Amateur Porn Video

45 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Two of ShowGuys favorite guys, blond Luke Riley, and dark Egypt, are paired for the first time. Egypt is soon naked, and Luke plays with his very large dick which soon grows to impressive proportions. Luke starts sucking, teasing the end of Egypt s cock with his tongue piercing. Now Luke gets naked, and shows off his hot ass. They get on the knees and pose for the camera. Luke goes on his back and Egypt plays with him until he is as hard as a rock. Egypt works himself up to a full erection, puts on a condom, Luke lubes up his ass, and sits down facing the camera giving us the frog.

SHO528 ShowGuys #528 - Jack Forest & Shawn - Amateur Porn Video

45 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Jack Forest is a tall, toned stud with a huge dick, and Shawn is a very young Asian bottom doing his first scene. They start with lots of deep kissing and feeling up the bulges in their underwear. Jack pulls Shawn on top of him with his back to Jack Forest is a tall, toned stud with a humungous dick, and Shawn is a very young Asian bottom doing the camera, pulls the kids underwear down, and fingers the hole he exposes. They get each other naked; Jack s dick is a thing of wonder, absolutely huge, long and thick. In fact, Shawn has trouble getting his mouth around the giant. Shawn stands up, Jack goes on his knees, and sucks the lad.

SHO527 ShowGuys #527 - Dimitri Santiago & Sebastian Jaymz - Amateur Porn Video

45 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Dimitri Santiago and Sebastian Jaymz have been close friends and fuck buddies for years. So when Sebastian moved to south Florida, there was a big hole in Dimitri s sex life. So finally Dimitri is here on a visit for the Rent Boy pool party, and he and Sebastian are fucking each other on ShowGuys for the first time in a long time. They both get naked, and Dimitri deep throats Sebastian, and sucks his balls. But Dimitri has a favorite sexual pastime, and soon hauls Sebastian s legs into the air, and shoves his tongue up the hot exposed hole, and gives Sebastian the rimming of his life. In return Sebastian shows off his deep throating abilities, taking Dimitri s monster all the way down his throat. Sebastian lies on his back and Dimitri fucks his face, then drops forward and licks his balls and rims him again.

SHO526 ShowGuys #526 - Sloan Christian & Decker - Amateur Porn Video

46 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Sloan Christian and Decker are two hairy, hunky studs. This is Sloan s first Showguys show, but Decker has been a regular both in New York, and here in South Florida. They get started with deep kissing, and with Decker playing with Sloan s dick which is falling out of his briefs. Decker puts Sloan s cock in his mouth, and it just keep growing and growing. They strip off their underwear, and continue making out. They arrange themselves on the bed and sixty-nine. Decker gets on his back and Sloan fucks his face. Sloan pulls Decker s legs into the air and shows off his hot hole. The more abuse Sloan gives his cock, the harder it gets.

SHO525 ShowGuys #525 - Alex Charge & Aaron Tyler - Amateur Porn Video

33 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Alex Charge and Aaron Tyler are two very cute twinks meeting for the first time. Alex professes to be straight, but that fact is belied by how eagerly he gets into having gay sex with Aaron, and Aaron says how much he loves having sex with straight men. The shirts come off, (Alex is extravagantly tattooed and pierced), and the two kiss and feel around each other s bodies. Aaron gets Alex out of his jeans, and fondles the bulge in his boxers, then Alex gets naked and Aaron goes down on the large, hard cock he finds. Aaron strips and now Alex plays with his erection, then starts sucking and teasing the head of Aaron s dick with his pierced lips.

SHO524 ShowGuys #524 - Egypt & Sean Kane - Amateur Porn Video

43 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Sexy Egypt only did two shows for ShowGuys, and here he is paired with Sean Kane. The guys waste no time, and Sean gets right into deep throating Egypt. Sean is an expert cock sucker and soon has Egypt at his very impressive full ten inches. Egypt s dick is monstrous, but Sean gets all of it down his throat. Sean lies on his back, Egypt straddles his head, and gets his balls licked. Egypt pulls Sean s legs up and shows us his ass, then drops forward and sucks on Sean. Egypt shoves first one, then two fingers up Sean s hole. They reverse positions so Sean is now straddling Egypt. But it s time to move on. So Egypt puts on a condom, Sean gets on his hands and knees, and Egypt shoves his pole up Sean s ass doggie style, and starts pounding.

SHO523 ShowGuys #523 - Tucker Forrest & Malachi Sebastian - Amateur Porn Video

43 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Tucker Forrest is ShowGuys favorite twink, and here he is paired with beautiful and exotic Malachi Sebastian. Tucker is in a tee shirt and a very skimpy jock strap, and Malachi is wearing only a pair of white shorts. Malachi gets Tuckers shirt off and starts torturing his nipples with his tongue. He licks down Tuckers body, then turns him over and licks the hot ass before shoving his tongue into the exposed hole. Malachi strips off Tucker s jock, pulls his cock out between his legs, and uses his mouth on Tucker s Prince Albert. The guys reverse positions. Tucker strips Malachi, and rims his hot hole, while spanking him. In fact rimming is Tucker s second favorite sexual pastime, and Malachi moans with pleasure. Tucker stands up and shoves his dick down Malachi s throat.

SHO522 ShowGuys #522 - Baileey & Dallas Reeves - Part Two - Amateur Porn Video

41 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Baileey and Dallas Reeves are boyfriends and porn stars, so they are very comfortable with each other and in front of the camera. While kissing with lots of tongue, they get each other s shirts off, soon followed by the jeans. (Dallas is wearing extremely cute briefs.) Baileey hauls his lover s already hard dick out and starts sucking. Dallas gets Baileey naked and goes down on his rock hard cock. Baileey lies on his back, Dallas gets over him and fucks Baileey s face, and gets his balls licked. Dallas moves back and Baileey s dick rides up and down his ass crack, then Dallas deep throats Baileey. Meanwhile, Baileey is giving Dallas the rimming of his life, shoving his long tongue deep into the hot hole.

SHO521 ShowGuys #521 - Jesse Bryce & Ethan Kane - Amateur Porn Video

42 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Jesse Bryce and Ethan Kane are both filling in for two cancellations, and in fact Ethan drove all night to make the show. At the top of the scene Ethan is stark naked, and Jesse is in his briefs, which come off almost immediately. They start with deep kissing using lots of tongue while massaging each other s dicks. Jesse soon has a very impressive hard-on, which Ethan inhales. Ethan is an expert cock sucker, and Jesse enjoys his ministrations. Jesse now pushes Ethan down on his back and returns the favor. Jesse stands up, his cock like a piece of steel, and Ethan once again deep-throats him. Ethan gets on his hands and knees, and Jesse shoves his tongue in Ethan s ass hole.

amateur porn amateur porn

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