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Breed My Ass Raw

Travis Cooper and Ty Young

Watching these two sexy guys together, I remind you that the SD in SDBoy, does not stand for succulent and delicious, but maybe it should. Ty and Travis are barebacking and flip-flopping in this all inclusive fuck me too video; all aboard, a wet and bumpy ride for sure!Kissing passionately, the two are up and give one another a hand, anyway. Travis is first to take a taste; guess he likes the salty dog ; Ty s thick cock is no match for Travis wanting mouth. Ty ungulates his hips; his cock and Travis mouth meet in the middle. Ty then takes over to arouse his partner, orally. You wanna fuck me in the ass? asks Travis as he is ready to be stimulated, internally. Ty slides in and gasps at the tightness; Travis whispers, yeah. Pulling the camera back to get it all in, I film Ty s slim body flexing as he pounds Travis; Travis cock wags in agreement, Ty is hot.Going a bit faster, Ty s rhythm has got Travis red and red hot. As Travis opens up abit, he starts to push back against his partner. The boys change to a missionaryposition and work to get Ty s cock in. Ty strokes Travis gentiles as he glides inand out. A view from behind shows the deep penetration and hard work these two areup to, nice. I don t think I ve seen Travis so pliable, as he is here today with Ty;his legs wave high above. Both are breathing heavily as they copulate.Travis then says, now it s my turn; Ty pulls out anally, and goes down orally.Travis is hard as a rock; guess Ty knows a thing or two about boy s anatomy. Whilecaressing Ty s bicep, the two hand hands; Ty s mouth stays firmly planted on Traviscock. Looking up at his partner, Ty asks, you wanna fuck me? Oh yeah, answersTravis. Starting off doggie style, Travis has his buddy grinning and panting fromthe start; Ty rolls his eyes back with each thrust. Up close, you can see how muchhe is enjoying being taken. Damn, you got a tight ass, comments Travis as he makeshis way in fully.Filming from above, Travis is balls deep and both are wanting to try something alittle kinky before Travis cums. Ty lies on the floor and is pile-driven by hispartner. It is so erotic to see them totally relish their pairing. Ty does not takehis eyes off of Travis, who is having a wonderful time in this position. The boysthen move back to the bed, for missionary style. Both are spent, and Travis isclose. Before long, Travis pulls out of Ty and strokes himself; fucking shoot thatload all over me, exclaims Ty. The amount of jizz that sprays from Travis, alongwith the coverage, has Ty both excited and surprised; I think I got wet too. Tyslaps Travis on the ass and the two end as they began, with a sensual kiss.

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Mark Tyler and Marcus Rides

The sexy 18 yo Mark Tyler heads to the shower only to be joined by 25yo MarcusRides. Look at that tender juicy rump roast on Mark. That's as good a looking as anyprime beef I've seen on a young man, WOW! No steak knife needed here.They kiss, play and stroke each other's dicks and decide to dry off and head to thebed. They continue with the foreplay and then Marcus starts sucking Mark's cock. Notlong after, Mark takes charge and rolls Marcus over on his back and plays "pin thetail on the donkey" with his cock on Marcus hole. He reaches down and guides his rawcock inside Marcus and we hear "hee haw" or is that "yee haw?" The action is justgetting started when our producer thought it would be funny to insert the dreaded"to be continued."Now that we have all the foreplay out of the way, it's all about bareback fuckingbetween Mark and Marcus.You're not going to see a lot of kissing, making out, sucking cocks and nipples inthis scene. It's all about the camera work and getting those close up shots of abare cock banging a hole. From one side of the bed doggy style, to the other side ofthe bed missionary style and a couple of great cumshots to finish it off.

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Wolf Mosley

Meet the beefy Wolf Mosley. He's straight, 25yo, 200lbs of beef and considershimself a gym rat at times and his first appearance on camera. He's not really theshy type and certainly not bashful. With a great body, nice cock and set of balls,we can only hope that he'll be back... SOON!Peeling out of his clothes, we're all treated to that nice beefy toned body. I'dhate to the guy to get him mad on a night out at the bar or meet him in the rightplace at the wrong time!Once Wolf gets going, he changes up positions giving us a good look at all thecracks and crevices as he strokes. Being a sucker for some nice balls, I can't keepmy eyes of watching his bounce up and down and flop all over. I just wanna bury myface in them.Watch the end of the video with Wolf in the bathroom cleaning up. When asked "howwas it" Wolf replies "intense."

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Joey Rico and Vince Smith

Joey Rico and Vince Smith waste no time getting down to it. Both of these boys areready to go and hit it off right from the start. Joey can't wait to plug Vincent'sass with his "pinga."Having started out on the couch with some hot kissing, Vincent gets down to businessand puts his oral skills to work sucking and licking Joey's cock and balls. With hisown cock rock hard and Joey ready to get give Vincent a ride, Vincent straddles Joeyand rocks his cock! The cameraman zooms in on the action and I love how Vincent'sbig balls flop in the breeze along with his hard cock while riding Joey. Not only isthe action getting me excited, watch and listen to Joey!Now Joey is ready to rock Vincent's world. Joey stands up and bends Vincent over thecouch and plows him from behind.Now on the bed, Vince Smith opens his hole for his ever sexy Latino, Joey Rico. Bothguys enjoy the fiesta as Joey is a great top who knows how to use his hot cock.Vince helps out by bouncing back onto his partner. Oh fuck yeah, moans Joey as hechanges up the position of his bottom. In a tight missionary, Joey goes right towork on Vince s hole while Vince strokes himself; the view from behind both boys iswell worth your own bit of handy work.Joey s tight ball sack slaps up against his partner s taint and heightens both theirpleasure. As Joey starts to break a sweat, Vince moans that he is about to cum. Whenthe bottom releases his juices, he sprays his upper torso and covers it in muskycream. Watching his partner blow puts Joey over the top; he then has Vince fondlehis balls as Joey jerks toward a happy ending. Close enough to taste, Vince putshis face right down by Joey s cock; as he comes, Vince jerks back seeing the amountof jizz Joey is shooting. Just when Joey thinks he s done, Vince grabs the boy scock and continues to tug; I don t think he s going to give it back. Man, now thatwas worth waiting for.
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Joey Aqua and Ricky Nova

True enough, Saturday TV blows. Bored, Ricky Nova invites Joey Aqua to do somethingthat sucks. This hookup requires an input and output to enjoy; luckily, bothboys are well equipped for a fuck-a-thon. Kissing passionately, they get thingsgoing hot and heavy, nice.That s just what I needed, moans Ricky as Joey s mouth inhales. Joey drops hisdrawers and all Ricky can say is, you got a big one there. Proving the point, thecamera follows Joey s long shaft, all the way down. Both boys then switch back andforth, engulfing one another and slobbering happily. Ricky takes time to face fuckJoey; you re doing great compliments Ricky.Bent over and opened wide, Joey s hole becomes Ricky s favorite Saturday activity.The two groan and moan as a rear view is enjoyed. That s the kinda fun I mtalking about, grunts Ricky as he delivers. Oh, take it, demands Ricky,slapping at Joey s rump, still thrusting. With the juices flowing, they switchpositions; Joey rides atop.Bouncing joyfully, Joey s cock is held aside by Ricky; taking Joey s sweet holehas both boys enthralled. Ricky then grabs Joey s hips to help rock his cock insidethe bottom s hairy canal. The top takes things a bit further, by thrusting up intoJoey, who is holding on as Ricky speeds things up.Moving to the bed, Ricky takes his time entering Joey, but once in, nothing can holdRicky back, and forth. The top enjoys watching his cock asunder Joey, who is morethan willing to be spread widely. Joey then begs, fuck me as Ricky takes it inanother notch. Watching Ricky fuck is like seeing a well-oiled piston at maximumspeed; the smooth running engine is in high gear as both get close.Alternating views of Joey s hardening cock being jerked, and Ricky s tighteningballs slap against Joey s taint, hits a climax when Ricky shouts, ah fuck, pullsout, and blasts onto Joey s cock. Seeing the spew sends Joey into rocketing of hisown. The two have made a mess of things and head to the showers for some much neededsoaping up.

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