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Bareback Military Kaos 4

AJ Orion and Derek Livingston

Just getting home from a hard day on base, Marine buddies Derek & A.J. want to take a break from their sergeant barking orders all day at them, so into a nice hot shower they both go to relieve some tension and lather each other up. A.J. looks for some relieve by shoving his thick black horse hung bare cock deep inside Derek s hungry hole. These two Marines fuck like deployment is tomorrow. Finally relief comes as they both blow there cum filled balls.
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Aidyn Michael and Jeramiah Maxx

With his cock 8.5 inches long, Aidyn is a power top if we ever I saw one. Aidyn shows Jeramiah that a beautiful ass is a terrible thing to waste. It wasn't long before Aidyn was slamming Jeramiah s ass hard. By the sounds of Jeramiah s moans, he didn't seem to mind being flat on his back, among other positions getting fucked deep and hard. Aidyn sure knows his way around an ass and deserves an A+. And nobody has a finer ass than Jeramiah.
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Gaven Morgan and Jet Stevens

Jet is back from Iraq and looking for a good time. Luckily Gaven is around to give this stiff soldier a good time. Jet whips out his already hard dick and receives a nice wet blowjob. Not before long Gaven has Jet on his knees and starts to moan at some deep throat sucking. Jet starts to fuck Gaven on the couch first with him on his back then on his side with momentum increasing until Jet cant restrain his giant load as it burst all over Gavens abs. Jet then sits on Gavens huge cock and gets the fuck of a lifetime then cumming all over Jets face and torso.
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Matt James

Cute brace face Matt stops by to make a few extra bucks. This smooth San Diego native gets his sweet hole fingered and bred. See his cum filled ass ooze jizzum left deep inside by the Cameraman s huge cock!
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Kye Edan and Tony Salvatore

Kye leads Tony to his bed for some foreplay as Tony goes to town eating Kye's ass making squirm with pleasure. Kye takes Tony's cock for a long bareback pounding session. You would think there were making-up for lost time. Tony positions himself on the kitchen counter to receive Kye's raw cock inside of him. Tony moans with pleasure as his hole is being worked. Several positions are tried in the kitchen before they both unload there stored sperm.
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>h3>Jett Slatter and Tyler Cade
Corporal Tyler is wanting it bigger and better. And from the looks and size of our military boy Jett, it won t be a problem delivering. Tyler s butt hole consumes Jett s big bare stiff cock and takes it for a ride. Jett takes over Tyler s small framed body and plows into it like a pile driver. The young bottom shivers, shakes and moans while getting fucked. There is no doubt he enjoys every thrust. Jett repeatedly inserts and pulls out of his mates butt and finishes off with a spurt explosion on Tyler s face and mouth.
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Joe Warner, Aaron Tyler and John Wright

Joe, our Navy Sailor boy is the game winner and gets his perfectly chiseled body serviced by Aaron and John. Flat on his back, every inch of Joe s body is mauled and he wants more. John s big and thick raw cock enters Aaron s thigh boy hole. Then Joe moves in to get his turn at Aaron s tight ass as Aaron bounces from cock to cock. Joe and Aaron are the first to shoot their loads, and then John gives Aaron a mouthful of his jizz.

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Bareback Military Kaos 4

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