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Mixing It Up RAW

Jacob Silva & Cameron Kincade

Well, look who came ashore fresh from San Diego; Jacob Jake and Cameron Kincade do a great job as seamen. This barebacking pair shows us how it s done, or at least how we d like to do it, (ah youth). Jacob has a body to die for, so I figured I would hire this Straight Latin Hunk myself, for you. Only difference is, I'd put this straight boy to the ultimate test...filming his first raw gay fuck!

Cut to the chase. Jacob takes control of Cameron and has him against the wall and stripping down, while kissing and caressing his extremely muscular body. Cameron takes his time and worships all of Jacob s hard work, with his tongue. Pressing upagainst each other, Jacob makes a beeline for the bed, Cameron on bottom, how fortuitous. They work together to remove their pants, still kissing deeply. Cameron goes down on Jacob first; Jacob s fine uncut cock responds well to this man s mouth; Jacob sighs as he controls Cameron s head for maximum pleasure. Cameron shows his dick to Jacob and us; oh, very nice, cut, stiff and wanting some oral affection of its own. Jacob sucks intensely and is rewarded with the moans and sighs of Cameron, oh that feels good. Moving to his knees, Cameron reciprocates; Jacob s arousal is palpable and things get even more sensual.

Moving into a 69 position, I zoom in to capture their mutual pleasure; Cameron moves Jacob s hand off his dick; the bottom seems so close, but he doesn t want to pop. On his knees, Cameron again takes Jacob s cock into his mouth; panting and breathing heavier, Jacob is nearer to cumming. Their chemistry is so hot, Jacob cannot last any longer, luckily his partner is in a giving mood and proceeds to give Jacob a bath with his tongue. Jacob s creamy load flows up and out into the awaiting mouth of Cameron; he slurps up all dollops of the release and continues to suck. Because of Jacob s gift of being able to repeatedly cum and still stay hard, I can keep the camera rolling and the boys can keep on going, As Cameron suckles Jacob, he looks up and asks, wanna fuck me?

Starting off doggy style, Jacob slides his unencumbered dick into Cameron s hole, from the start, we hear, yeah and oh yeah. Jacob seems to have hit his partner s prostate on impact; and keeps impacting upon it. Using his gorgeous abdominal muscles and thrusting at a nice pace, Cameron moans, right there, it feels good; Jacob is equally enthralled as he watches Cameron s hole engulf his cock. The close-up camera shot really captures their momentum. As I turn the camera angle to the side, it is such a pleasure to see all of Jacob s muscles working so hard, and undulating so well; oh yeah, pants Cameron as he looks back to see his partner.

Jacob reminds me of the energizer bunny at this point; as we know from his earlier cum shot, not even that will stop him from using his head, again and again. I get a close-up of the intensity between these two; it s so nice to see two men finding their happy place, together. Jacob leans over Cameron and is supported by Cameron s arms. Filming from behind both of them, we are able to see their luscious asses and enjoy the anal thrusting. Changing his pace and rotating his hips, Jacob is ringing all of Cameron s bells and whistles. Oh fuck, God, shouts Cameron, arousing Jacob even more.

At this point, both are flush red, with what little blood, is not stiffening their dicks. Cameron then grabs the bed for stability and his cock for comfort. Oh shit, Jacob exclaims, and unloads a generous amount of cum onto Cameron s loins. Going back in, yet again, Jacob tries to penetrate, but Cameron tells him to come here and suck my cock. Within moments, Jacob strokes Cameron over the edge and he releases; I m cumming, I m cumming he exclaims. Nice thick blobs of semen land upon the hairy groin of Cameron. Jacob grins, but does not release his grip of Cameron s cock; Cameron twitches and squirms from the sensitivity. Finally, Jacob returns to Cameron s lips.
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Mojo Starr & Ricky Nova

Man, San Diego is the place to be, to be inside Ricky Nova. When Mojo Starr takes a shower with you, he not only scrubs you down, he fucks you up. In this scene, Ricky and Mojo flip-flop, and make some magic; wait until you see what cums out of Mojo s hat.

Starting in the shower, Mojo has Ricky moaning for more from the first penetration. Moving to the bed, Ricky rides on Mojo and then goes into a missionary passion; Mojo s rhythm and pace is perfect as Ricky only catches his breathe long enough to moans and pant for more. The boys then stand and Mojo gives it from behind; as the camera angles below, we can see Ricky is getting Mojo s full attention, and loving it.

Sliding his beautiful cock in and out of Ricky, Mojo has taken Ricky to a whole new level of delight. That feels so good, is about the only thing Ricky can say. As Mojo thrusts away, Ricky moans and sucks on Mojo s thumb. Mojo really has got the positioning and rhythm down; he is inside Ricky so deep and, then pulls out to take some of Ricky s meat.

Flip-flopping, Mojo is now receiving his reward, Ricky s nice thick dick. Grunting and groaning, Mojo grabs Ricky s legs to pull him even deeper. They kiss, but not for long; Ricky is enjoying fucking Mojo and goes balls deep. From behind the boys, we see Ricky changing up the pace and rhythm to take every inch of Mojo s hole.

Changing positions, Ricky s pounding like a man on a mission, a mission to bust a nut, and Mojo is definitely enjoying the ride. Ricky slaps Mojo s ass and asks, you like that? Oh yeah, Mojo replies. Then they masturbate: Ricky s creaming load shots first, bubbling and oozing down his shaft. Mojo is next and blows his load all over Ricky s face and shoulders. The last words come from Ricky, that was hot; I think San Diego is a magical place.
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Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson just moved to San Diego and needs some extra cash for college. Although not into labels, he has been with guys before; the first time was at a frat party. He is here today to jerk off; this SDBoy watches some gay porn, gets hard and blows a creamy load.

Lying on the couch, he tugs to get hard; adding his own spit for extra lubrication. As he rises, I think we are in for a big treat. As he gets to his happy place, he rubs his nice hard nipples and bites his lips; his eyes are constantly glued to the guys on the TV.

As the camera angles from above, we see he is indeed a nice size with some girth. His legs start to tense and release as he works his cock. He slaps his dick against his body; we can appreciate his nice piece of meat. Now moving the camera to a side view, Scott seems to really like his head, with his hands; all the sudden he says, I m gonna cum; he oozes out a creamy load down his shaft and onto his fingers. A quiet cummer, but a nice pop.
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Rafinha & Lui

Damn, two hot Latinos in a hotel room; hungry boys with mouths to feed and holes to fill. These two are all about pleasuring each other and allowing us to watch.

Kissing and licking his way down, Rafinha finds Lui s thick cock and begins to suck. Working on bringing him up, the two continue to explore one another. Lui then bends Rafinha over a chair and rims him; at one point, Lui repositions Rafinha so he may go even further up Rafinha s ass. From behind, we see Lui finger Rafinha s hole. Lui then sits on a chair to allow Rafinha to suck his balls. Lui feeds him a large cock, calling out, delicious as Rafinha works his tongue; he is rewarded as Lui face fucks him.

Propping Rafinha on a chair, Lui proceeds to enter quick and deep. Both men are enjoying the hard pounding Lui is giving. Rafinha is repositioned and as the camera pans below, we see balls to ass action. Lui is an aggressive top and slaps his bottom s ass. Zooming in, we can appreciate the length and width of this top s meat.

Lui gives little rest between assaults and only pulls out so he may sit and Rafinha can ride him. Even in this position, Lui again takes control and thrusts from below, hard. Seeing Rafinha s nice hairy hole being pounded, this close up is really a nice tight shot of man-on-man fucking. Rafinha gets in a few bounces of his own; Lui moans in reaction. Lui has Rafinha get up and turn around; we can see Rafinha s lovely bouncing dick right in front of us.

Getting Rafinha to change positions again, Lui takes his ass with ease. The bold top leans in and gently kisses and sucks Rafinha s ear, right before he refocuses his thrusting on Rafinha s hole. Within moments, Lui lets out a long hard moan and cums inside Rafinha s juicy ass; the creamy load is substantial and drips from the gaping cavern. Luis is not done though, he has Rafinha lick and suck his balls. He then cums again, on Rafinha s awaiting face. Watching one another intensely, Rafinha then jerks until he too releases this thick load, on Lui s cheek.
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Xavier Caballo

Xavier Caballo, a toned hot Latino. As he is being photographed, we get to see a very nice uncut dick hanging low. During the interview, we meet this 23 year old who needed some work. He talks about his very large dick; he never really thought about it until another guy joked about being envious. He thinks its 8 but I m going to have to measure this big SDBoy to verify he s only 8 . By the way, caballo is Spanish for horse.

With Xavier, kisses on the neck or most things get him going; usually my girlfriend just starts and I m ready to go he says. Talking about his girlfriend and other women, most girls like my big cock, but others have trouble; my girlfriend wishes it would be smaller so she could do more things with it like taking it up the ass.

For the solo, I have Xavier take off his shirt and work on getting hard. Unzipping his pants, to make room, he is up in no time and strokes it hard while watching porn. Every now and then, he rewets the head with a bit of spit. Getting fully naked, he stands up; although his dick is not all the way hard, I m betting he s more than 8 . Xavier shakes his dick and grips it firmly, he is not only big, he s thick. As the camera pans below, we can see two nice shaped balls hanging just right, like stocking hanging from a fireplace, filled with gifts.

From overhead, as Xavier wets the head and alternates his hands, he begins to thrust his hips, the close up show his ball sack tightening. Waving his cock, I just have to measure him, sure enough it shows 8 , but it s an impressive 8 . I kinda hold on to it, first with one and then with two hands; I stoke it firmly. I add a little of my own spit and continue. Since Xavier seems okay with this, I take it to the next level, and start sucking on this girthy beast.

I empathize with his girlfriend, this is a thick one. Xavier takes back over to finish. I pan out to get his whole body in the frame: his entire body has tightened including pointed toes and a grip that looks like it s going to rip his dick from his body. Within a moment, he is grunting and oozing. Thick white dollops of jizz flow down his meaty cock; I can attest to its circumference as I even had trouble deep throating it. Wow, he sure did let go and spew. Enjoy everyone; I know I m going to have sweet dreams tonight of fluffy marshmellowy goodness.
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Joey Rico, Ricky Nova, Shawn Laine

Most times when you play card games, there is a looser, but not when Joey, Shawn and Ricky stack the deck with Shawn's monster cock. In this scene, loosing means everybody gets a turn with the "meat of the day," Shawn. I do like the rules of this game and as long as there's enough to go around, cards or no cards, everyone's a winner, including us as we get to watch.

Ricky has the idea that Shawn should lie on the table, letting he and Joey enjoy Shawn's sizeable cock. Happy to share, Shawn is sucked by both guys at once. Ricky jerks on himself as well, until he is hard and has Joey "cowboy up" on Shawn. The camera angles in close to get all the action. Ricky continues to pull on himself as he watches Joey ride Shawn.

Ricky then has Joey stand so that he can suck Shawn. Ricky then joins the "game" by fucking Joey. Grunting, Ricky is enjoying Joey s, "nice ass" and slaps it often; "oh fuck" says Joey as he comes up for air from Shawn's cock. All of them agree, "this is a good game" they are playing; everyone's winning at this table.

The camera zooms in to see the full penetration of Joey's ass by Ricky. Joey then steps back to watch Ricky fuck Shawn; Joey spanks Ricky hard, "I like being spanked" comments Ricky. He then turns and is kissed by his "spanker," Joey.

The guys move to the bed to continue their game. I don t see any cards on the bed, but I think these SDBoys are way beyond card tricks at this point. Ricky, Joey and Shawn will have their hands full, as well as their mouths and asses; Ricky can really stack the deck.

As the camera angles in from the side and below, all there definitely have their heads in the game; deep penetration always brings out the best in these boys. Ricky s massive dick hits Shawn in the right spot, oh shit Shawn moans. Ricky is already panting as he sucks Joey and fucks Shawn. Having an idea, Ricky throws it out there, I think you should try it out. Joey s mow catching; Ricky says, I don t know which of you are tighter, Shawn adds, with that thing, everyone must be tight.

Joey s move to his back and enjoys Ricky; Joey s face goes flush as he says, God that s a big dick. As Ricky finds his stride, in Joey, the camera angles again to the side and below, Joey is definitely getting a workout. As the boys are about to blow, Ricky lies down and is the catcher of two loads of creamy jizz; it drips from face to chest; that s so nice Ricky says. Then when Ricky gets off, he oozes out a nice stream that hits his stomach and pubes. Shawn has the best idea about this game, okay every Wednesday night, poker at your place; well at least we know the boys are good at more than one sport, game on.

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amateur homemade porn

Mixing It Up RAW

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