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Bareback Surf Riders

Tim Hunter & Brian Woods:

Brian's been out surfing and on his way in meets Tim who's been watching him surf. They head back to Brian's place to wash off the sand,which leads to one of the hottest shower scenes you'll ever see. Tim's massive cock comes alive at the though of plowing the surfer boys ass raw. Surfer boy bends over and the non-stop fucking begins. Brian is filled with pleasure as Tim rams his cock in and out of the surfer boy's tight hole. The action then moves to the bedroom where Tim pulls out just in time to shower the surfer boy Brian with his cum,then shoves his cum drenched cock back inside Brian for more!
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Trey Kennedy & Paul Jones:

Trey's been surfing the web and comes across 18 year old slim and smooth Paul,invites him over and the sparks begin as soon as they meet each other in person. Passionate kissing leads to foreplay,which leads to Trey taking a raw ride on Paul's 18 y.o. cock. Playing around in different positions,Paul brings lots of pleasure to Trey as Trey climaxes under the constant pounding from Paul's cock,Paul then gives Trey a parting cum facial.
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Zack Baylor:

Zack is a lifetime surf bum. Taking one look at his body,you can see that he's done nothing but surf and enjoy the sun,his lean,toned and muscular body with a pierced nipple,provide a hot scene to watch as he jacks off for the camera. His Italian ancestry is evident as he shoots his fountain of cum.
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Brice McCullough & Jon Lee:

Jon and Brice are looking for some friends to party with and are having no luck finding anybody. So they decide to have their own intimate party. 18-year-old blond Brice takes charge and makes the moves on Jon,slowly inserting his bare cock up Jon's ass. As you will see,Jon is enjoying every inch of it!
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Trevor Thompson:

This scene starts off with behind the scenes of Trevor's photo shoot where he loves to show off his body. Trevor's killer good looks helps him be the center of attention where ever he goes. His thick cut cock is ideal for shooting gobs of thick creamy cum.
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Aaron Tyler & Gaven Morgan:

Aaron and Gaven are showering together when their passion flair's and cocks harden. Taking the momentum into the bedroom,Gaven lubes up Aaron's tight ass with his tongue,then slides his big raw cock deep inside Aaron who's a pro at big and thick cocks. Passionate kissing and fucking continue as Gaven showers Aaron's face with cum which brings Aaron to a climax as well. Nothing better than watching these two pros kiss,suck,fuck and cum!

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amateur homemade porn

Bareback Surf Riders

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