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Best Of San Diego Boys #1
Kody's Kaos

Kody turns on the Kaos with his cut body,massive cock,and endless sex drive!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Fresh out of the Military,Kody is ready to fuck his first boy ass. Tony has volunteered to bend over for the occasion and is eager to take it all. This hot Latin boy will exhibit his power bottom abilities. Tony moans with pleasure as Kody inserts his big dick deep inside. Tony begs for more and more deep fucking and Kody does not hesitate. Apparently,one cock is not enough for Kody. Kody wanted to taste more than just Tony s cock so he reaches over to the crew s cocks,pulls them out and starts sucking away. Watch as Kody devours both cocks while getting his own dick sucked. With two cocks down his throat Kody moans with pleasure and enjoys every sucking move he makes. He releases his huge load by showering Tony in warm and creamy cum.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Riley and Bryson get frisky in the shower with some kissing as they hear a knock at the door. Bryson opens the door and invites Kody in and explains their both showering. As Kody watches these to twinks get in on,he removes his cloths and joins them in the shower were these three hot young boys kiss and suck. Kody suggest they move to the bedroom were they continue they're passionate kissing,their cock sucking frenzied,and the anal action. Bryson and Riley get double fucked by Kody. He fucks them both in several positions before Kody gives them both a facial cum shot. This hot three-way action is so intense you're likely to blow spunk in your shorts before you can get out your prick to jackoff.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Kody massages Virgil s muscular shoulder and thigh. These young guys really get turned on by the rubbing of lotion and massage strokes. Kody can t contain his raging hard-on and pops it out as the massaging continues. Kody takes advantage of the situation and a different type of ball game with no rules is about to begin. Virgil seems to be having the time of his life getting his bubble ass fucked in several positions. These two hard-bodied boys have a passion for each other. They both spill their balls with loads of thick creamy cum on themselves.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

After receiving Thousands of requests,we finally got Kye and Kody together. Kye jumps in the shower with Kody,gets on his knees and begins to suck his long erect cock. They both cannot resist each other; they take turns sucking each other licking each other s asses. In the bedroom,they really get into it,with Kody holding onto Kye's waist and thrusting,Eye's moaning and groaning and slamming back onto that big cock. There are some GREAT fucking shots - Kody does have a big dick and Kye's got a sweet ass. Kye's repeated moans are enough to make you "cum". This was one hot fuck! After the thorough plowing,Kody dumps his load on him while Kye waits to taste each drop.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

This scene is super hot to see these two together. All 8 solid inches of Kody s cock slide right in and up Christopher s ass as he moans with pleasure,crying out for more. Any true bottom will have thought they had died and gone to heaven to experience Kody s massive cock up their ass. Chris rides Kody s cock like a bucking bronco as he shoots his load all the while Kody continues to pound his hungry hole. Chris then slips off of Kody s cock just in time for him to explode his load.
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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Dylan likes to spy on his roommate,tonight he gets lucky and watches as Kody and San,two hot muscle studs make out. Not wanting to be left out,he flips on the lights and joins in. Kody and San immediately make him the center of their attention. Passionate foreplay leads to tag team fucking. Dylan is in heaven having two huge cocks taking turns in his ass. San is very vocal and builds up a sexy sweat that highlights his firm muscular body. Dylan gets coated in cum as all three studs unleash their loads.
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Best Of San Diego Boys #1 - Kody's Kaos

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