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Raw Monster Cock Riders #2
Best Of Military Bareback

The best of the military barebacking boys!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

These two Navy shipmates are getting ready to go out on the town when Brent needs some help with his dress blues. Soon Joshua is deep throating Brents cock. They take turns bending over and fucking each other raw,but you can tell that Brent really enjoys Joshua's 8'' cock pulsating inside him. He gets so turned on with Joshua's bare cock thrusting in and out of his hole,that he can't hold back and lets his load fly.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's Friday night and Sean makes a catch. He has picked-up Kye a hot sailor not to far from the Navy Base. He brings him back to his place where he takes advantage of the situation. It's obvious Kye has had to much to drink so Sean offers him another,then begins to strip him from his sailor uniform. They begin to explore each others body,they then figure what they both want. Barebacking begins,watch as Sean's rams his raw cock with a Prince Albert attached up Kye's ass for the first time. They both passionately kiss and fuck. They now flip flop,and its Sean's turn to take Kye's bare cock for a long lasting pound session. Sean shoots his load while Kye's cock is in his ass,then Kye pulls out to blow his load.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Joshua and Steve are two Latin lovers romantically kissing and enjoying each other's company. They make this scene erotic and passionate in addition to being hot and sexy,adding lots of kissing and caressing to their sucking and flip-flop barebacking. Joshua is stuffing one,then two fingers,then his bare cock into Steve's butt hole. Steve's young ass shivers and shakes while getting fucked. To end,these two young studs cum on each others faces and don't shy away from eating each others cum. It's a super hot sight to see these two together. There is no doubt these two enjoy every moment.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Matt and Kevin are looking to hook-up on line with a third guy,but after seeing what Matt has between his legs,Kevin no longer needed to surf the net when he had the real thing just a reach away. From Matt's seated position Kevin mounts his large mammoth cock bare and begins to ride his cock up and down with long thrusts. This was the start of the ''pounding of Kevin's ass'' session. From that moment on Matt fell into a rhythm of pounding and drilling. You could even hear the slapping of his ass up against Kevin's thighs. They fucked for a long ass time,fucked and fucked and drilled him until he had to make him stop because that fuckin monster cock was going to make him cum. Not before long the eruption of cum begins. Kevin shoots his load while being fucked,Matt pulls out shoots his wad on Kevin's pink hole,then slides his cum covered cock back inside for some more pumping.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

While cruising Oceanside,Marriott hooks up with newcomer Military Man Brice. Brice has fantasized about having another guy's cock up his ass for a long time. Well...fantasies do come true. Marriott preps Brice in the shower,first one then two fingers probe the inner lining of Military Man's ass. Next Marriott's enormous bare cock slips right in his tight ass. Brice takes the cock light a tough Marine should,in every position possible,all while moaning with pleasure.
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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Blond Boy Marine Jet is deploying to Iraq and wants one last ride on Kye's huge cock. Jet starts out by slipping his rock hard uncut bare cock deep inside of Kye. Kye rides Jet's cock up and down while stoking his own hard on. Off to the showers where Kye bends Jet over,soaps up his own cock and shoves his bare cock up Jet's squeaky clean ass. The bareback fucking continues in the bedroom in multiple positions,when Jet reaches his climax and shoots his load as Kye continues to pound his ass,then Kye pulls out moments before he blows and showers Jet with more juice. Jet's memories of this fuck session should help him through the long and hot days and night in Iraq.
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Raw Monster Cock Riders #2 - Best Of Military Bareback

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