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A Few Good Men


Rex is a 19 year old Special Warfare Seal in the Navy. Check out his chiseled perfect body. After showering and dressing in his Navy Whites for another day on base,Rex is feeling hot and horny and decides to beat off one last time. Rex strokes his stiff rod and rubs his smooth cut chest. He will tell you about himself and his secret for his perfect body as he works his cock to give us his cum,watch his shaft swell-up. Gobs of thick and chunky cum spew out as climax is reached.

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Zack is a 22 year old U.S. Marine who is well endowed. He starts out in the shower working up his horse dick and fingering his hole. After cleaning up,Zack kicks back and watches a video,stroking his massive cock,it is obvious that stroking his own cock is not enough. He grabs the cameraman's cock and plays with it in his left hand while he strokes his piece of meat with his right hand. Watch how Zack is mesmerized by the cameraman's cock. Noah (last seen in My First Time: Doing It) jumps in and takes Zack's cock with his mouth,tonguing and licking his balls. Noah shoots his load all over Zack's chest,Zack can no longer hold back,he unloads his cock,adding more cum to his already drenched chest.

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Tony is a 22 year old Sailor,starts out with a video montage of his photo shoot as he posses naked for the camera. As you will see,Tony carries a tight,fit,and lean body. Tony is another military guy who just can't seem to get enough cock. "The more cock the better",he says! He too grabs the cameraman's cock,sucks and strokes it,until the cameraman blows his load while being stroked by Tony. Tony then kicks back to finish himself off,spraying his load all over his chest.

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Sysco is a 21 year old U.S. Marine (last seen in My First Time: Doing It) starts with a video montage of his photo shoot. From there it is to the bedroom to continue stroking his cock in preparation for a load of sperm. He rubs his smooth and cut chest while slapping his meat. Sysco shares a little about himself,while working up his cock. He finally gives us his warm sperm as he rubs it all over his chest. Sysco hits the shower to cool off and bring his cock back down.

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Robert is a 26 year old Sailor. A video montage of his photo shoot starts things off while posing naked for the camera. Robert checks out some girl magazines while watching some porn video. After telling us about himself,Robert works up his cock and fingers his ass. Robert then shoot his load over 4 feet! From one end of the King size bed to the other!

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Troy is a 34 year old 6' 4" 100% U.S. Grade A Army Soldier! This is his first time getting a massage from a male,who's hands glide up and down Troy's solid back,tight thighs,ass and crack. Troy then is ordered to flip over and gets a rub down from his smooth pecs to his inner thighs. Before the massage is over,Troy starts giving his own dick,balls and ass hole a massage. Before you know it,Troy shoots his thick and creamy cum,he then hits the shower to cool down and clean up.

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A Few Good Men

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