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Spanking Lads

Tobi in Trouble

Tobi is already in trouble and kneeling on the coffee table trousers down as Cal contemplates his punishment. This humiliation last only long enough for Cal to grab the ping pong bat and take up position beside the prone lad. The swats start and Tobi' face shows a mix of emotions, pleasure and pain. Cal is not pulling the strokes and Tobi butt is soon a nice colour and getting a deeper red by the minute. But things are not quite as they seem and Tobi is getting noticeably excited. Cal carries on spanking the lovely smooth little butt unaware of what is happening below. Tobi moans of pain start to change and he is suddenly groaning as he cums and pumps a huge load over the table. Always good to see a lad get the full benefit of a spanking. Cal sees what has happened and gets a box of tissues and leaves the lad to clean up as he returns to the couch and his magazine.
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amateur homemade porn

Johnny Caught Red Handed

Caught watching porn and amusing himself Johnny finds himself OTK and getting spanked. As much as he tries to ignore what is happening while he is spanked, and his contorted face say he is trying hard it is no good. In his state of excitement it is all to much and before long he is dumping his load. But this is just a sample of what happens to Eric on Saturday. last we saw of Eric he was marched into the salon, when there he experiences his own 'consequences'
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amateur homemade porn

Spank That The Load Out

The question was asked the other day, do the guys enjoy being spanked? Well this is the first of a series of clips that will go to show that they do, they reveal the consequences of a spanking for some of the guys. First clip is Johnny enjoying himself alone one afternoon and getting caught. A spanking with the long shoe horn seems to do the trick as he does not loose interest and in the end cannot hold back and dumps his load on the couch. Just to make it fair he has to clean it up after the spanking has finished
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amateur homemade porn

Ricky and Johnny Get It

Earlier in the day the two lads were in front of the head for fighting, this time they have been drinking and smoking. The smirks and attitude are enough to earn them six of the best each. Johnny is first and gets all six, he then waits facing the wall for Ricky to get his six. But the caning is interrupted and the head has to leave before Ricky has his full set. They are told to stand and wait but no sooner are they alone and the lads start to horse around. Making a joke of the head and spanking each other with the cane and a paddle they find in the desk. Now we know from the past that spanking makes Ricky horny, he has to check the coast is clear and then he pays Johnny to spank him and have sex with him. Ricks is hard and ready for more than spanking and Johnny, bent over the desk gets a sore ass in many ways. Ricky lays him on his back on the desk and does him that way as well. Once they finish it is a scramble to get the room tidy before the head returns. The head forgets that Ricky has not had a full set and dismisses the lads none the wiser to what has happened in his absence
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Johnny Caught Again

Waking up feeling a little fresh is what happens most days but when it interferes with the smooth running of the house it is a no no. Called for breakfast and ignoring it is not the right way of course but you cant tell lads anything. Finally he is caught red handed and finds himself getting another kind of wake up call. As the job was half finished the spanking helps things along and Johnny cant stop himself dumping his load.
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amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn
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Spanking Lads

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