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Bring Your Own Bitch #5

Jayden & Phoenix:

Introducing Jayden, a local beauty that had to show off her skills for you! Jayden may look girlie, but she's a hardcore girl at heart. Giggling with anticipation, she begins by allowing herself to be stripped out of her clothes, before dropping to her knees to suck on Phoenix's waiting dick. Misty Haze is eager to share Jayden with you, and it's not long before Jayden's jumping up on that cock. You know the girls are having a great time, and Jayden doesn’t seem the least bit unsure, even though this is her very first time with a guy on camera.

With Misty's encouragement, she cums on Phoenix's cock reverse cowgirl, and then happily switches to all fours. Phoenix gives it all he's got and fucks Jayden just the way she likes it. From there, Jayden lies on her back, and we can all see her pink pussy getting fucked! Phoenix mounts Jayden on the couch, and she cums loudly before he squirts his load all over her waiting face. This scene is hot, and you should keep watching~Jayden’s not done yet!

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Moni Love & Misty Haze:

Moni Love hails all the way from Poland, and she came to us for her very first time with a girl, and her first sex scene on camera. Before visiting our studios, Moni had dabbled with taking pictures of herself, and even filming herself masturbating. I guess this was the next step for the worldly traveler. Although nervous at first, Moni quickly warms to Misty, and to the camera. The girls don't take long to get naked, and Moni's breasts are big and beautiful! It's Misty's first time with a European hottie, and you can tell she likes it.

Moni admits that she can cum over and over until she has one overwhelming orgasm, and Misty is determined to find out herself! Misty eagerly eats pussy as Moni twists her own nipples, and writhes in ecstasy. The girls are in a world of their own as Misty fucks and sucks Moni to one orgasm after another, until Moni is screaming for more. I guess Poland just needed a good lesson on lesbian loving, because Moni is happy to return the favor, and soon it s Misty who s moaning in pleasure. But she s not done yet! Misty gets so hot watching Moni eat her pussy, she has to get more. Misty is back between Moni s thighs, sucking clit and fucking pussy until Moni has that amazing orgasm, and she s pushing Misty away. There s no faking cumming like this, Moni Love loves to cum!!!

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Minx & Damon Wild:

Minx is the cutest amateur star out there, and you’ll be stoked to see her finally fuck dick on film. Our lovely girl is excited to do the deed, and she's anxious for everybody to watch. After a sweet good luck kiss from her director Misty, Minx jumps to it! This girl loves to fuck, and she knows how to do it right! Minx and her cock-toy for the day, Damon Wild, take their time feeling each other's bodies before stripping Minx of her clothes. But once she's naked, Minx's sweetness melts away. She sits on Damon's face, and starts her wild ride.

You can tell how tight her pussy is when Damon sticks his fingers in it, and it just makes you want to see more. Minx grabs his dick as Damon finger-fucks and makes her cum, then she's sucking cock and pulling Damon's pants off. You can tell Damon wants to play, and he pulls out a vibrator to warm Minx up with. She spreads her legs, and shows us how she likes it. Finally, it's time to fuck, and Damon sticks his dick in Minx's pussy and they're off! This girl just doesn’t stop!! From her back, to her shoulders, to her knees, Minx takes it all and just keeps cumming. She makes love to the camera while Damon fucks her reverse cowgirl style, and then begs for more. It doesn’t stop, as Damon throws Minx back on her knees and spanks her cute ass as he fucks her. Minx cums on Damon's cock and fingers before he gives her his hot cum in her mouth and all over her beautiful face. Praise to Minx, this scene is perfect!!!

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Minx & Misty Haze:

Surprise! Minx is back and her and Misty are at it again! Minx is down for some new perversion, and we discover her blindfolded, getting teased by Misty's talented tongue. You can tell the girls have been together before by the easy way they enjoy each other's bodies. Minx lies down on the bed, and the real fun begins. Misty fingers Minx and then feeds her cum to her, and you know Minx likes the taste! After a serious tongue-lashing, Minx can't bear it anymore and finally takes her blindfold off to watch Misty's work.

Then, it's toy time. Misty's got a new one to try out, and Minx tests it with her mouth first before taking it in her tight little pussy. Next, it's Misty's turn and it's great to see Minx eat Misty's ass while finger-fucking her. Not to be outdone, Minx grabs a toy too, and it's Misty's turn to take it. After eating pussy and fucking it, Minx still doesn’t feel complete without a little dick. So she grabs a double-headed dildo and fucks Misty with it while she sucks the other end. Super hot, Minx!! The girls have a free for all, and we're the ones that win!

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Ophelia & Misty Haze & Sum Dude:

It’s Dea Del Sesso’s filming debut, and we hope you like her! Of course, you know we can't do just one new thing at a time, though, so it's time for Ophelia to broaden her horizons. Misty's been hitting on her for about 2 years now, and Ophelia finally said yes!!! You can see Misty's excitement when she finally gets to really get in there and fuck the pussy she's only been playing with all this time. Ophelia loves it too! She's a little nervous at first, but who can resist Misty's oral skills?? While Misty is eating pussy, Sum Dude decides to get in on the act too... this scene is just full of surprises! Sum Dude plows away at Misty's wet pussy while she continues her work on Ophelia. Soon, the girls are both cumming, and who could ask for more? Not content just to eat it, Misty pulls out a toy to fuck Ophelia with too.

It just happens to be Ophelia's favorite toy, and you can tell by the smile on her face. She lays back and gets hers as Misty happily pleasures her while taking Sum Dude's cock. Misty really loves it all! Ophelia can't help herself, and she gets on her knees to take the toy deeper. As Misty fucks her, Ophelia rubs her clit until she comes hard enough to shake. Needing to taste Ophelia's cum, Misty flips her onto her back, and pushes for more while Sum Dude re-enters the scene. Then, Ophelia wants to try her hand at fucking Misty, and she's pretty good at it! I guess filming sex so much has taught Ophelia what to do! Sum Dude jumps in on the action, and Misty's got two out of three holes filled, until she's pushing them both off. Quick enough, Misty's riding Sum Dude while Ophelia makes her cum, and there's smiles all around. Misty cums again and again, before Sum Dude can't hold back any longer. Dea Del Sesso catches the perfect cumshot, and we see Sum Dude's load land right on Misty's tongue, then she swallows it all while Ophelia looks on. The girls are satisfied, and hopefully you are too!

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Bring Your Own Bitch #5

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