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Training A Monster-Cock Top
How To Bottom

Okay, here's the deal with this guy Victor, he has been a long time fan, loved us from afar but never reached out because he is a TOP and wasn't interested in bottoming. Victo LOVES to TOP so naturally he assumed since Hunter and I are both tops that we would not be interested, and he was right.

BUT he recently decided that he wanted to be taught how to bottom and he said he wanted to learn from the best...his words. So he came for the weekend, and having his two IDs and his HIV negative status and papers all in order, we got the formalities out of the way and got to know him face to face. It was a huge success!

We showed him how to take a cock like a champ, this guy was FUN, sensuous, open to learning, and a fucking sex machine. SERIOUSLY it was hot; between the three of us we all came a combined 15 times, and that was just day one people!

The action started right away shortly after we chatted, we were kissing, he loves to kiss, and is very into Hunter and me so it was HOT HOT. With his big sexy full pillow lips and long slippery wet tongue it was a pleasure. Hunter and I were pre-cumming from the make out session alone.

After the ice was broken, we got right into the hot sex, hard core sucking, licking and ass eating, then the bottom training and education led right into the penetration and barebacking fucking; non stop for the first day and night.

Victor has since been back twice to chill with us and each time he gets better and better in bed. We have a ton of respect for an alpha horse hung TOP like Victor that is willing to bottom. He gets a MAVERICKMEN FIVE STAR RATING *****.

This guy is something special; he is 21 years old, stands 6'5 with a lean tight ripped body, deep voice, sweet bubble ass and MASSIVE COCK - 10 very thick, and a big shooter! Victor has it all. But besides the obvious physical hotness that this guy exudes, he is so fucking nice and chill, we have hung out with him a few times now and consider him more than a fuck buddy, we consider him a friend.

I don't think we will ever be disappointed when Victor comes for the night, the weekend or just the day. Please tell us what you think of this guy, we made two videos with him, here is the first video, in this special vid we actually pop his man cherry, it's seriously HOT! -Cole Maverick and Hunter
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Training A Monster-Cock Top How To Bottom

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