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Maverick And Hunter's
Hot Fucking Home Videos #1

This is a collection of Maverick and Hunter's favorite home fuck videos. Some of the clips are funny and others are really passionate - all of them are full of hot, sweaty, rough man sex.

Hunter and Mav fooling around in bathroom. Hunter walking downstairs and catching Mav doing some vid editing at his computer. Hunter catching Mav getting ready for gym. Hunter and Mav getting dressed in locker room after gym.

Wake up Maverick I want some cock - Hunter needs some dick, Mav is laying on bed after getting home from construction site. Hunter pulls out Mav's cock and gets it rock hard and sloppy wet. Mav pulls out Hunter's cock and it's dripping with pre-cum. Mav wipes the pre-cum of Hunter's cock and puts it on his own; Hunter licks it off ferociously. Hunter gets in between Mav's legs and really works on his fat hog. Hunter sticks his tongue in Mav's hole while Mav jacks-off. Mav tells Hunter to sit on his cock. Hunter jumps up, strips down, and sits back down on Mav's big daddy dick. Plenty of close-ups with bareback, hot hole fucking. Hunter rides Mav's cock hard and fast while jerking his own dick. Hunter reaches back and pulls his ass open so Mav can see his fat hog sliding in and out his tight, hairy, muscle ass. The boys fuck hard for a while, until Hunter is ready to blow his load with Mav deep in his ass. But Mav aint' done yet. Hunter gets on his belly, pulls open his ass, and fingers his swollen hole while Mav jerks his cock. Mav shoots his load all over Hunter's crack and Hunter fingers his load into his butt, then Mav fucks it deeper in.

Late Nite Fun - Hunter is starving for Mav's cock and starts blowing him at his desk. Hunter sucks Mav's fat cock till it's sloppy wet, then turns around and sits right down on it. Mav stands up and fucks Hunter hard against the wall, then Hunter falls down to the floor and Mav finishes his butt on the ground.

We had not seen each other for a few days so we seriously were horned up at this point. - Hunter and Mav kiss passionately; the boys hadn't seen each other in a while. Mav gets his cock sucked for a while. Then, Hunter lays on the bed and Mav feasts on his muscle butt. The boys break out the massage table, Mav climbs up and Hunter deep throats his fat tool. Then Hunter climbs up on the table on his belly with his cock and balls pushed though his legs. Mav eats him up and then flips him over and fingers Hunter's hole. Mav pounds out Hunter on the table and shoots his wad all over Hunter's hairy hole.

Hunter blows Mav. Mav face fucks Hunter while Hunter jacks his cock. Hunter shoot his load on his belly while Mav tugs on his balls.

Homo Simpson takes a huge load - Hunter shoots his wad all over his belly and Homo Simpson licks it up.

Here are some of our very first videos - Hunter blowing Mav in a public bathroom. Hunter blowing Mav in apartment. Hunter blowing Mav in bed. Mav slapping Hunter's ass in bed. Hunter blowing Mav after Mav got home from another construction site.

Some Random Spanking and Bondage - Mav beats Hunters butt on the bed. Hunter is bound up and blindfolded on the couch while Mav fucks his throat and whacks him around a bit

Eating ass and 69 - Hunter is spread eagle on the couch while Mav sticks his tongue in his butt hole. Hunter sits on Mav's face

Morning Head - Hunter blows Mav at the breakfast table and sucks down his fat load, then blows his own.
"Beer Sex After Hours" - Hunter and Mav are home after hitting the bars. The boys are horned up and get into some intense face fucking action.

Massage Table Fun - Mav is flat on his back on the massage table and Hunter deep throats his cock. Hunter really gives Mav the royal treatment and takes time to really suck his hog good. Mav repays Hunter by fucking him over the massage table. Hunter is all sweaty after a good long fuck session and works out a load for Mav. Mav works out a fat load to feed Hunter.

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Maverick And Hunter's Hot Fucking Home Videos #1

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