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Joe Schmoe's New Fluffy Marshmellows

Thanks for watchin or Homemade, Amateur, Vids. Me and the guys, appreciate your continued support.

Scene 1:

Our Buddy Ricco is a 21 yr old Str8guy who was looking for some "str8" modeling work. When we explained to him that we didnt have any str8 work for him...He seemed OK with getting infront of our cam anyway. You know by know, that I aint rascist at all, and Ricco was really turning me on. He's a cute young Dude, who was trying to earn a little extra money. I was a little surprised when he took of his shirt and he was sporting tattoos of George Washington and Ben Franklin. They look huge on his small, slender, frame. I put him thru the usual schmoe video paces...a short interview, and some flexing, before, he slides his boxers off to reveal a huge black cock, already a little meaty in anticiptation, of whats to come. I measure it, before its fully hard, and can feel his heartbeat throbbing through his young , black, dick. I cant take it no longer and finally move in for a taste. As soon as it slides across my lips, it instantly grows to full hardness, as the young Black man works the rock hard cock bak and forth across my lips and eager tongue, and forces his flared out dickhead down my throat...I dont want him to bust too soon, so I let him play with it awhile, till he cant hold back and shoots his young load across my face and mouth...

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Scene 2:

19 yr old str8boy Cody...was a little nervous about appearing on camera getting served up by a guy. It was his first time getting his dick sucked by a black guy, and even though he was nervous, he was also sitting there in a chair before filming started, with a raging boner. We never did see his dick soft. Black Joe just loves stocky , str8, redneck boys, and Cody is no exception. Black Joe Begins to hungrily suck the young Rednecks dick till it begins to throb and twitch, trying not to make the youngin shoot to soon but its no use. Coddy blast the older, Black Dicksucker, with several jets of young Boysperm to the face.

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Scene 3:

Preston is a young, str8 black guy making his video debut. an ex-high school football player...he's str8, but dont mind getting serviced by Joe. Joe sucks his big, black cock, till he sperms all in his mouth.

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Scene 4:

CeeLo is a young white cat who needed to make some extra cash to pay off some fines...You can tell he dont get much play so when he kicked back on the bed, his little dick was rock hard in notime. Black Joe wasted no time in giving him an expert blow job..till he shot all over the place...

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Joe Schmoe's New Fluffy Marshmellows

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