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Deep Sea Drillin'

Hey Guys. Thanks for Watching our Homemade Amateur Vids. Me and the guys appreciate your continued support. We decided to Take a little winter get-away, and we took Blaze with us. Longtime fans know that Blaze is full of surprises so we were pretty surprised when he changed it up a little. We think you guys will be also. Hopefully, You'll have a good one! Joe

Amateur Video Scene 1:

After Taking our Favorite GWB (Ghetto Whiteboy) Blaze on a lil trip outta town, he learned how to use chopsticks one night at dinner. The Next day, He shows off his new skills using me and Redneck Redneck Daddy's weiners. He's just playing around.but the vacation air has got me horny for his fat cock. Black Joe Sucks me for a second then he and Blaze take turns smacking their fat cocks in my face. Finally, They shoot directly in my face nad mouth one by one, causing me to shoot my load.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

After some goofin' around and drinks at 9am, Blaze and Black Joe end up back in the Cabin somehow with Blaze suckin his dick. Black Joe dont really like appearin on Cam much cuase his belly is so big and it makes his dick look small But Blaze dont seem to mind as he treats the much older Black Joe to some head.Before stuffin his Big White cock down his throat for a minute. I was thinkin it was gonna be more of the same.but then Blaze began to grease up HIS asshole and try to sit on Ol Black Joes fat cock. Told ya, That Blaze is full of surprises. Blaze takes his time and works the MUCH older Black Joes cock into his pale white ass, Black Joe takes his time, and tenderly fucks Blaze Opening up his hole so that it gapes open when his cock is removed.Eventually, Blaze nutts on Black Joes face. Black Joe Nutts on his asshole. It's a pretty hot scene.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

After a late night of partying and not Jacking-off the day before.Blaze was prety horny and looking to fuck. I lay in the "fat lady" position while my studly 23 yo. big dicked Ghetto whiteboy strokes me like he knows I like it. I'm twice his age and it secretly turns me on. I let him stroke it all the way hard and sit on it. SO I can feel him all in me.and stare in his eyes. Fianally we get in his favorite and he bangs me from behind. I can feel his big balls smackin against mine as he grudge fucks me, and I moan in pleasure. till he pulls out and shoot his jizz on my hole.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Its a Quick scene of Blaze fuckin Black Joe. Blaze caught a tipsy Black Joe and fucked him and Jizzed all in his crack.

Classic Porn!

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Deep Sea Drillin'

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