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Dawgs Of The Doublewide #2

Thanks for watching our real homemade amateur vids. The guys and I appreciate your patronage. -Joe

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Our young, backwoods model Taz, stopped by and brought along his buddy Bruce. We hadn't seen Taz in awhile, so we catch up for a bit before we start shooting. Taz strips naked, kicks back on the sofa, and begins to work his country cock. I move in for a taste and before you know it, he's shootin' his backwoods nut all over.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's Taz's buddy Backwoods Bruce's first time on camera. He's been waiting in their car while Taz has been shooting his vid. He's nice, but super nervous. They actually left, but then came back so Bruce could shoot a scene. He's carrying a seven day load, so he doesn't last very long. Taz says, ''Bruce ain't gonna let you suck it'' and less than 5 minutes later, MY lips where wrapped all around Bruce's uncut country meat. He nuts twice in 7 minutes. He says he'll be back...we'll see.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Our buddy Chez popped in for a quickie. He called us out of the blue, needing a lil' extra cash. We were in a hurry, plus he told his ol' lady where he was going, so she was calling every couple of minutes. Still, Black Joe and I managed to suck him for a minute before he shot his three day load. It was the most either of us have ever seen him shoot.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Str8 new guy Jersey came over while Blaze happened to be over hanging out. It was the first time they met. Blaze and Jersey are the same age. Blaze doesn't usually get along with people his own age so it was kinda a risk on my he doesn't like people with a bigger dick than his. I'm serious. Anyway, they seem to hit it off pretty well. Blaze took charge and suggested that Jersey give him some head. Jersey jumped at the chance, and sucked all over Blazes cock. Eventually, Blaze nuts on Jersey cock, and Jersey jacks off.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Jason came over hinting around about wanting to fuck. It's kinda funny, Jason has never fucked any women in the I decided to take one for the team. I suck him up for a second, and then he jabs my tender asshole with his rock hard cock, till he shoots his cum.
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Dawgs Of The Doublewide #2

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