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Crackers Crumble...
Ghetto Whiteboys Rumble

Technical Note: The sound track of this dvd, is out of sink with the action.
Thanks for buying our homemade amatuer vids. Me and the guys appreciate your patronage. Blaze was over one day and he was surprised I never heard the expression, ''Crackers crumble...Whiteboys Rumble.'' So after struggling for a title for this collection of all whiteboy clips, I decided it kinda fit. As usaul, it's as amateur as it gets...and then some.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Our young buddy Steve sropped by. Don't know if it's just him or his youth, but I've NEVER seen his dick soft. Totally soft...even after he cums its still like 50 percent hard. He kicks back in the Schmoe lounger, and busts one out.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Country whiteboy Taz stopped by early one morning. I was kinda hung over and horny, so it was a nice surprise gettin' his call. He's married with kids, so I'm always flattered when we wants to stop by and gag me with that country cock of his. I figure between being busy, and fuckin' the ol' lady, he wouldn't be able to find the time. Anyway, today his cock is rock hard, after me suckin it and he stradles my face and shoots...just as the doorbell rings.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Chance is a young lookin', str8, 22 yr old ghetto whiteboy who BEGGED us to put him in a vid. He's kinda nervous, but he is very charming and has a nice dick and body. He kicks back in the Schmoelounger and works up a sweaty nutt.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

19yr old country soundin' whiteboy, Brian makes his internet debut. He's very shy in real-life and you can kinda see it in his clip. I was pleasantly surprised when he dropped 'em and was sportin' an uncut dick. He is a GROWER, not show-er. Anyway he kicks back in the Schmolounger and busts a big ole nut.
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Raunchy Bonus Footage:

Got a call asking if I wanted to film two boyfriends. By now y'all know that I don't generally film gay guys...ironic since there's gay sex in the vids. But, for whatever reason I decided to film these two. Cory is the younger one at 21( although he looks 31) and james is the Older one at 34. The whole time they were in the room with me, I was looking at the back of their phones. Finally I asked them, ''are you filming me?'' Turns out they were texting each other from room to room or sometimes from even the same room. Anyway turns out they ARE BF's, but apparently they NEVER have sex. Anyway each one of them ends up nuttin. James cums a TON. As I'm talking nasty to James from behind the camera, it dawns on me as I watch him devour Coreys dick, I prolly coulda charged him...instead of me having to pay him. As usual, it's totally unexpected amateur video.
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Crackers Crumble...Ghetto Whiteboys Rumble

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