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Joe's Horny Homegrown Schmoes

I'm calling this one ''Joe's Horny Homegrown Schmoes.'' All these guys are local and supposedly straight. They come round Joes every now and again to explore their curiosities, and for the extra cash. Here's two new guys, plus...Brad, Blaze, and Jason. As usual, it's as amateur as it gets...and then some.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Our lil' cubby str8 boy Brad stopped by one day wanting to hang out. He's str8, but he's real insecure around women. He's funny to watch sometimes because he'll be real horny, wanting a BJ or something, yet to afraid to ask because he's straight. Anyway, I serve him up a bit, he kicks back in the Schmoelounger, and fingers his ass a lil' bit while he strokes. Then the next thing ya know, he's trying to fuck me. I let him fuck me bareback for a minute, then Black Joe serves him up for awhile, before Brad shoots his cum all over the floor.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Black Magic is a str8 dude who approached me about doing a scene. One of our other models told him about it a year ago...turns out I know Magic's girl in real-life. I try not to shit where I eat, so it was kinda awkward. Not sure who was more nervous, me or him, and to top it all off my camera broke that day so I shot his scene direct to disc of my spare laptop tethered by a short cord. I like the result though, and his nutt shot is spectacular. Anyway, I put Magic through a first timers routine, he flexes a bit, tells us about his first time, strips and gets down to it. His dick never really gets totally hard, but nonetheless, he delivers a gigantic squirting load...must be the power of youth.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Our buddy Jason has held down a construction site job for about 6 months now...and you can really tell it in his body. I think he is such a young stud. He could use a lil' bit bigger peter, but couldn't we all? Anyway, he came over all horned up wanting to make a vid. I cant help but wonder why a married young guy like him would ever be at my place horned up, but it happens all the time. He kicks back and plays with it for awhile, before I move in and start sucking him. He starts breathing heavy and before you know it, he shooting his hot white redneck str8boy cum. I would've took it all down my throat, but I pulled it out so y'all could see it. Jason gets off on y'all watchin'.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Richard is 100 percent ''thug whiteboy,'' but really he is Latino. He was over one day and Black Joe thought he was kinda cute, and wanted to see what he was packin. So we asked him if he wanted to make a vid, and here's the result. His dick was hard the whole time Black Joe was sucking him...right up until he nutts all over black Joe.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Blaze is back. In the first videos we've shot with him since the camping ''accident'' (I still don't know what got into him that day). We start by making out...yeah that's right...kissing. I never knew kissing Blaze would turn me on so much, but it does. One thing leads to another as you'll see in the clip. We suck each other, fuck each other bareback and then Blaze shoots his load in my face and mouth, and then french kisses it out...Yeah! I never knew kissing could be so hot.

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Joe's Horny Homegrown Schmoes

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