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Eat My Young Cum...Joe

Couple of new guys stop by and make some vids. Our favorite young redneck Matt is back, Str8 young ex-marine Dirk, shows off on cam, Aiden and Jason serve each other up, and I serve up two young straight, half-bros, black guys and eat their young cum. By now y'all know our vids ain't fancy...but they are REAL home movies of what happens sometimes when young, broke, horny str8 guys drop by. Ya never know what can happen' at Joe's. So keep watchin', and be sure to check out all our other vids too. Thanks for buying our home-mad amateur vids. Me and the guys appreciate your patronage. - Joe

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Straight, young ex-marine Dirk stopped by wanting to show off on cam, and earn some extra cash. He's really clean cut looking, and has a really nice body. Not our typical ''Schmoe'' model. I was a lil' disappointed he had shaved his bush, but his big fuckstick more than makes up for that. I had to pick him up for our shoot, and he was really nervous. He kept reminding me he was an ex-marine, and trained to fight. Once we started filming, he loosened up and got right into it. He flexes a lil', shows off his big dick and kicks back in the Schmoelounger and busts one out.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

My favorite, young un-cut redneck Matt, drops by, flops out his big ole' uncut cock, and starts jerkin it in front of Black Joe. Next thing ya know, He's facefuckin' Black Joe, and shoot his redneck cum all in his face.

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homemade amateur porn

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Aiden and our favorite whiteboy Jason, stop by for a lil side-by-side. They know each other in real life, but both have girlfriends and have never messed around before. There is some nervous tension as they sit around and watch a porn. Eventually they take out their dicks and start jerkin. Next thing ya know, they are serving each other up a lil' bit. Then, Aiden shoots his load on Jasons chest...I think Jason kinda liked it.

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homemade amateur porn

Amateur Video Scene 4:

We got lucky and ran into this cute young black guy one day while having the car washed. He mentioned he needed some extra cash, and about an hour later he was in front of our cam. He's an ex-basketball player and seems a lil' shy at first. I give him a few compliments, and soon he's all into it. He hauls out a huge cut black penis, and gets busy. Soon he's shooting his nut all over the floor. Wish it was in my mouth.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Be careful what you wish for! Black basketballer and his younger bro, drop by one night while Black Joe, Matt and I was hanging out. Black basketballer and I ended up slipping away for a minute, and I get to serve him up for his very first guy BJ. I move in when I notice that he boned up, as soon as he sits down. I decide right then and there, that I'm gonna make it his best. I make love to his huge black cock with my mouth. He looks a lil' bored at first, but soon gets all into it, as I let his cock batter my throat and tonsils. The kid is only 20, and soon I have him gasping and trembling. He's staring right into may face as he shoots his load over my face and mouth. Then, just like a porn star, he sticks his cummy cock right back into my mouth, and makes me lick it clean. Better get back to the rest of the gang, before they miss us.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Basketballer's 18-yr old half-bro Ben, has been hanging out, partying with us. When the topic of dudes getting blowjobs from dudes came up, he says,''I would never let a guy suck my dick.'' Not even 30 mins later, his fat, rock hard, black thugstick, was slidin' between my lilly white lips. He seems just a lil' bit unwilling at first, but soon he's all into it, using my mouth for his pleasure. He gives in to my worshiping mouth and hands, and just lets himself go to a trembling, face covering nutt. Since he's only 18, and very few women can rival my cocksucking skill, I'm sure I probably gave him his best BJ ever! That explains why he just collapses as he shoots all in my face.

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Eat My Young Cum...Joe

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