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This is the 2nd release from our collection. It's better than the first one, with three hot guys jacking, smoking and busting for your visual pleasure. We have Gage, aka Yardboy, from the first video and two others who have never appeared on video or the net before.

P.S. Buy some movies, so I can buy a wide angle lens.


We sent Gage some emails from some adoring ''female fans'' who told him how much they liked his first video... so with his newfound confidence, he really steps it up a notch.

We caught up with Gage while he was working in the fields. We spot some wild turkeys, and Gage shows off his new tattoo. Later, he oils up his body and new tattoo. Then Gage jacks, smokes, flexes and has a few words for his fans. He's a cocky lil' fella with a great body and nice dick. Guess that's why we don’t mind him jizzing all over our Italian leather chair.

Ironically, a couple days after he mused about going to prison, Gage was picked-up on some warrants, so it will be his last video for awhile. Makes for a rare and nice addition to your collection.

homemade amateur porn

homemade amateur porn


Jason is a straight guy with a young son and steady girl. Some would call him a ''wigger'' with a country accent. He tells us he just spent 20 days in the county jail. Jason stops by to pump out some jizz for some quick cash and really gets into it. He jacks with no lube so hard and fast, it looks like it would hurt. Jason breathes heavy and shoots on the couch. He's anxious to do more videos.

homemade amateur porn

homemade amateur porn


We know we are new producers here at AMVC, but we'll go ahead and say it anyway, ''Iceberg/Damon is probably the hottest black guy on this site.'' We picked him up in the city in an area known for ''gay4pay'' guys. Iceberg is muscular and has a huge dick. He jacks, smokes cigarettes and flexes his big uncut cock till he oozes a big blob of the whitest cum I've ever seen.

homemade amateur porn

homemade amateur porn

Preview of 18yo Rudy:

Rudy showed up one night with his 18 yr old Girlfriend, looking to make a video. She was off-camera fingering her pussy while he jacked. Rudy was a lil’ wasted before he got to our place, so we cut it short. Rudy and his GF are both get documented, so look for them in an upcoming release, as a couple and a in a group scene with Iceberg. Guess we'll put that in the straight section.

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homemade amateur porn

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