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Joe Schmoe's Unchained in Redneckville

114 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Even though there is a 20+ year age difference between them,it's still hot to watch them together. Brian gets the older Black Joe ready to feeding him his young uncut cock... Once his older black cock is rock hard...Black Joe eases it into Brians young ass... He fucks young brian...till he nuts all over his face...

Joe Schmoe's Hillbilly Homeboys

117 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Blaze and Brian...were hanging out...Clowning around like usual..when out of the blue...Brian admits that sometimes he used to finger himself, when he jacked off. So..imagine my surprise..when today...Brian busts out with a Dildo. Not just any Dildo...But a big purple vibrating Dildo, and...He's going to use it infront of his pal Blaze.

Brian's Summer Gaycation

117 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Brian has been extra-good this year...So on a whim..Joe decided to take him along on his summer vacation. Since Brian is "str8" and all... He named his trip..His summer "gaycation" Brian hasnt really been anywhere before, so he was really thanfull for the opportunity to tag-along on the trip...and kept showing Making sure He kept his dick Rock hard and ready to go. He fucks the dawg shit out of Both the this first scene..and nuts more than once..Before shooting his nutt all over himself...

Joe Schmoe's ..."She Said..You better not come home Broke...Again"

117 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Heath and Brian met up for a Second time...and this time Brian was looking to "pay Heath back" for the fucking that he gave him last time. These two are almost exactly the same age...But you cant really tell by looking at them. They are excat opposites.. They suck each other up in the clumsy way that "str8" boys do, then Heath Bends over, and takes it like a man... They fuck in a couple different positions, before, they jack off and shoot on each other.

Joe Schmoe's Humpin Hillbilly Homeboys Doin it... ZEBRA STYLE!

102 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:You can tell that Brad..had wondered about Man-on-man sex...but hasnt found any one that he can trust, well enough to experiment with it... I guess thats why when him and Black Joe get together, they fuck like they are long lost Lovers. Even though Brad doesnt have the biggest cock in the world...It is rock hard, and you can tell he really wants to fuck the Older black Joe. Black Joe is soooooo turned on and relaxed...its some hot footage...and I love watching the younger whiteboy...fucker the Older black daddy..and making him eat is young white cum..

Joe Schmoe's Black and White

105 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Heath and Dametry Were over...Messing around..When Heath Decided he was going to try and get fucked by Dametry's Big Ole Black Dick... After some dick suckin And some fucking..they flip/flop a lil bit...then Jack off and Nutt...It was pretty Hot watching Heath Stuff that Black cock all in his ass though...

Joe Schmoe's Humpin Hillbilly's Too!

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Tall, Skinny, Str8 Ghetto Whiteboy Karma Dropped by to make his video Debut. He is a friend of Brians kinda...So I didnt really test his limits a whole lot this session. He is Cocky, 19 yr old, who seems eager to please. I ask him some questions, and have him pose and flex a lil bit.. Before he strips naked... He's a grower....Not a show-er....thats for sure. It doesnt take him long to work his young cock to full hardness and Blow his Ghetto seed all over...

Joe Schmoe's Humpin Hillbilly Homeboys

119 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Uncut Redneck Str8boy Kuntry, Was hanging out in the hot tub with Ghetto whiteboys Blaze and Brian in Broad Daylight, when One thing led to another, and the Boys Curiosity, got the best of them. Blaze plays like the ringleader and Makes Kuntry and Brian Suck his Dick. Then Him and Brian Kick back while the young Redneck serves them both up...

Joe Schmoe's Homemade Interracial Video

108 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Kuzin Chris...Is the studly young Ghetto whiteboy who made his debut in Joe Schmoe's Need for Seed. He's a trash talking, trailer park boy from way back on the street. But alone, infront of the cam, he's one of those dudes who's eager and thankfull to get his dick sucked. We never really talked about fuckin much, but Black Joe has been wanting to get some from Chris... Maybe today is the day?

If this Trailer's Rockin'...Cum on In!

109 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Redneck Daddy and Blaze Were hanging out in the back yard chillin together in the hot tub. I noticed Blaze kept staring at the much older Redneck Daddy's dick. When we went into the house, Daddy wasted no time popping a big , Rock hard Boner, infront of the younger Blaze. Thats all it took for the Younger Blaze to Drop to his knees and begin to worship his Big Daddy dick. After Sucking his Big dick for a minute, Redneck Daddy was so worked up, that he sucked Blazes dick for a second before Splashing his Redneck Daddy cum all over Blazes tongue, face and mouth.

amateur porn amateur porn

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