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Sportin' Wood

Producer's Note: Jake’s Casting Couch is a pair of solo videos featuring the men who appear in M2M action on the StriderGuys series. Each video includes six scenes, biographies of the performers, outtakes, a slideshow, and previews of a few of our other StriderGuys an JCC vids.

Dax’s Screen Test

Dax is now a performer on a studio line of adult videos under the name Tyler Boots. In everyday life he owns a landscaping company with his partner Skeet, who appears with him on other StriderGuys features. Dax is a fun-loving guy who is into any kinds of sexual fun. He’s into video games and rollerblading. When he’s asked a question about his underwear, he sneaks a peek to see what’s going on down there. He likes punky skater dudes with tats and piercings, muscle guys, and many others. He’s looking for a chance to get into a fuck sandwich with him in the middle. He’s into a wide range of sexual interests—when asked what he likes to do, he rattles off a list of more than ten activities just for starters. He gets off knowing that guys are getting off watching him get off. He doesn’t mention this in the interview, but Dax is ropemaster at Dax is completely uninhibited and is eager to get on to the second part of the screen test. He jumps on the bed, strips off his shirt, and spreads himself out. He doesn’t wait to get the shorts off before he starts groping himself. When he kicks them off we get a first look at his monster cock. He spreads his legs to give us a good look at his ass as he starts working his dick. The fur on his chest and stomach is neatly clipped, and he sports rings through both nipples, which he tugs on roughly. His balls are shaved, his pubes clipped, and he has several unusual piercings and tats. He spits into his fists to lube up his dick, and it doesn’t take him long to get fully stiff. At first he works his meat gently with both fists, but soon the heavy breathing and piston pumping starts. Dax yells loudly and his whole body shakes as he splashes cum on the bed, his thighs, his belly and chest. He’s beat. He throws his head back and drops his arms to his sides.

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Howard’s Screen Test

Howard is a straight businessman who looks like a linebacker. He walks into the bedroom and the heavy cocksucking action on the TV screen has him more than a little curious. (He’s never seen gay porn before.) He reaches into his pants and finds that his cock is responding to what’s on the TV as well. He slips off his polo shirt, unbuckles his jeans, and again reaches into his Unicos. He shucks his shoes and socks and strips off his pants and begins to focus intently on the guys on the screen. Through the boxer brief we can see the outline of a very nice package. Howard’s really getting hot, and decides to go for it. He spreads himself out on the bed, never taking his eyes off the guys on TV. The Unicos are now stained with Howard’s precum. When the shorts come off we get a first look at a massive ring through the mushroom head of Howard’s rod, which is already upright and ready for action. He continues stroking as he runs his other hand through the fur on his chest and stomach. There’s hair everywhere else, but his cock and balls are completely shaved. He lubes up, alternately fucking one fist and then the other. He rolls over to grease up his asshole, and continues pumping his pole as he finger fucks himself. On his back again, Howard uses his free hand to work his pecs and nipples. His whole body convulses and he lets out several short gasps as he jets out six squirts of cum, covering his belly. He shoots a sly grin at the cameraman and mutters a Marine Corps battle cry as the scene ends.

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Slater Reed: Camping Out

Slater is a dancer, a webcam executive, and all-around sexy guy. He’s at a campsite in Florida, dressed in a tank top and shorts, feeling horny. As he gropes himself through his shorts, we can see the outline of his XXL mushroom head. He tears open the fly and continues stroking his meat through the Unicos, and feeling up his chest under his shirt. He peels off his shirt and uses it to wipe the sweat off his chest. He kicks off his shoes, and pulls down the boxer briefs far enough to show off his swelling cock. He finds a bench to spread out on, and starts using both fists to work himself up. Once he’s completely rigid, we can see the sweat streaming down his face and chest. He throws his head back and pistons as fast as his fist can pump. He squirts a nice gob of cream and smears it all over his balls, chest and stomach. We follow Slater into the camp shower for a quick cleanup. He rinses off the sweat and cum, and then he lathers up his pits, chest and stomach. We get a nice look at this pecs and abs in this scene. Slater soaps up his cock and balls, and gives his dick a few strokes just for fun. He rinses again, and dries himself off as the scene ends.

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Austin and Ryan’s Interview

Austin Shadow is from the United Kingdom, and works in the telecommunications industry in Atlanta. He has also made several videos under the name Taylor Donovan. Ryan Zachary is a loan officer at a bank, and has done some underwear modeling in Toronto. Ryan is a rugby player and a skier, and Austin is a semi-pro bowler and volleyball player. The guys talk about what kind of men they’re attracted to, and how they get into their pants. (Both of them are pretty aggressive.) Austin was in the US Army the first time he had sex with another guy. His story involves the beach, some porn, and getting head. Ryan’s first time was on a camping trip with a fellow high school student. It’s obvious how much the guys are into each other as they engage in a little foreplay while talking about the sexual activities they most enjoy. Austin talks about an unusual talent he will demonstrate in his screen test in the last scene of this video. Ryan tells an amusing story about his brief and failed career as a star of straight porn. Austin finishes the interview telling about how he broke into the adult entertainment industry while attending Southern Decadence in New Orleans.

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Ryan’s Screen Test

Ryan is sitting at his computer watching an adult video. He casually slips his hand inside his sweatshirt to rub his chest. He kicks off his shoes and squirms out of the sweatshirt, and he’s wearing a black tank top underneath. He plays with his nipple for awhile before getting rid of the shirt altogether. He slides off his jeans and works the meat inside his Calvins. He sprawls on the bed to get more comfortable, and pinches his nipples as he continues to watch the Internet porn across the room. When the briefs come off Ryan’s already semi-hard. His cock and balls are shaved, and his chest is closely clipped. He reaches for some lube and sticks a finger in his ass. This is enough to get his fully rigid. He grabs his balls with one had and pumps furiously with the other. He cums in a series of spurts that splashes on his chest, stomach and thighs. His cock is still stiff when he finally lets go of it.

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Austin’s Screen Test

Austin is quite an exhibitionist, and he asked Ryan to watch during the taping. (Most guys ask for complete privacy.) Austin is standing in front of a mirror with his shirt pulled up. He’s working on getting his nipples hard. He pulls the tee shirt over his head to get it out of the way, and starts to work on his cock. We can see through his jeans that it’s quite large and already semi-hard. He opens his fly and starts massaging his dick through his briefs, using a little spit for lube. He pulls his pants down and gives both nipples a tug, throwing his head back in enjoyment. When he pulls his massive dick out of his shorts we can see that it is already dripping with precum. He bends over and takes the mushroom head in his mouth. He strips off the shirt and jeans together for more convenient self-sucking access. The next time Austin goes down for a taste, the camera moves in close to show his face and cock in the foreground and his whole body reflected in the mirror. By the third blowjob Austin’s dick and nipples are completely hard. He slaps his rod and uses some spit lube to continue stroking. Now that he’s ready, Austin pumps up the piston action a few notches and spurts his spunk several feet across the room. He lets out a short growl and slurps up the last of his cum off the head of his cock.

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Sportin' Wood

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