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The First Time I Sucked A Black Cock #4

Comfort is the key to getting far in life. That doesn't mean taking the easy way out, but rather becoming at peace when placed in stressful situations, confident in the fact that you can forge ahead. This was that kind of situation for Bill. He admitted to me that since he moved to the city he has been craving black men, yet he was nervous about how to approach one. Enter Kobe, a chill big dick black dude, and Bill forgot all about how nervous black guys make him and he became a dick milker for a big black shaft. Comfort is key.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Kobe was overeager to jerk off on film and it makes sense since he is pretty much a piece of perfection. He's tall, standing six foot five and has a big nine inch dick. To top that off he has an extremely chill, laid back attitude. Drawing the best from both worlds, Kobe is bisexual and loves big titted ghetto girls and gay guys with big asses. He eagerly stripped down and showed off how tight and toned his body is, but his money maker is definitely his thick nine inch dick. You can tell that Kobe knows he has a huge piece of manhood between his legs, as he seemed pretty turned on by exposing it and stroking it off. His huge set of ball sacs jiggled up and down as he stroked pretty much from the weight of the big set of saggy nuts. He told me he had fucked his girlfriend the night before, but you wouldn't know it by the volume of cum he spewed from his dick. Not only was there alot of it, but it was thick and pure white. Good enough to eat.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Bill has just recently moved to the city from a small town where there are pretty much no black guys. He is going crazy horny now that he is living in a black neighborhood and he is treated to being surrounded by sexy buff black men on a daily basis. The problem for him though is that he is afraid to approach any of them. Bill is a shorter guy, standing only five foot six, and he has a small build to match with pale white skin. He knew that he was going to suck dick, but had no clue that I had a black guy for him to try. I didn't want to overwhelm him, so I got Kobe to do the honors. A big black dick and a laid back attitude would be a perfect match for Bill, and I was right.

Bill seemed in awe of the sexy black stud who stood almost a foot taller than him. Once the nine inch black fuck stick was in Bill's mouth he turned into a whore like the ghetto girls Kobe is used to fucking. Bill followed Kobe's every whim. He let Kobe fuck his face and gag him with the black meat, got on his knees and sucked the big set of nut sacs, and even let Kobe play with his little white ass. Even though Bill had never had sex on camera before, he wasn't the least bit nervous as he was living out his deepest hidden fantasy of being a one way dick servicer for a hung black guy. There isn't any apprehension on Bill's face and Kobe unloads spurt after spurt of jizz so thick it literally coats and hangs on his face. I don't think Bill will soon forget the raw sticky dick milk he got to taste, and he'll probably have a big smile on his face now when he passes hot black guys in his neighborhood.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Before Bill got to suck black dick, he had to go through an interview process. This is a clip from my first meeting with him, where he shows off his body for the camera. Even though he claims he hasn't ever been fucked, he gets on all fours and works his ass like a big time whore.

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The First Time I Sucked A Black Cock #4

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