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Don't Tell My Wife I Sucked You Off

Why does it seem that most gay porn is geared to bottom guys? I like big dick as much as the next guy, but sometimes I get tired of the same old gay guy sucking off a big straight cock. Lets be a little unpredictable here. If you think it's sexy to see eager asses spread and on display, or masculine muscular guys being total cocksuckers, you've come to the right place. What you have here is some gay porn for top guys.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Randy has an 8-inch dick and a big set of saggy balls. That right there is enough reason to be turned on by him, but when you see him spread his ass cheeks and expose his pink hole you know right away that you have to stick your dick up his ass and fuck him like a whore. Randy acts like a total pussy in this scene. He does a sexy dance; shaking his ass and spreading it open as he jiggles the cheeks. Randy makes himself available in any position you can think of fucking him. On his back, doggy style, on his side... he is a slut piece of ass. Don't miss him dripping oil all over his smooth cheeks and rubbing it into his bubble butt. His ass is glistening, spread, tight, and ready to be penetrated.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Whenver I put Devin in a scene I'm always tempted to pair him with a more feminine guy and let the dude go crazy on Devin's beautiful prick. Then I remember what a great cocksucker Devin is, and he proved me right again this time. For a married guy, Devin certainly knows how to pleasure another man. Buck is a gay punk kid in his young 20's blessed with a fat dick and a great ass.

He starts going down on Devin, but the meat of this scene is seeing Devin be a total cocksucker for Buck. When you watch Devin suck the big dick, it is easy to tell that he's not giving head just for his own enjoyment, but he uses all of his energy to make sure he is getting the other guy off good. There is a passion in this scene that can't be faked, not only do Devin and Buck get into a hot and heavy 69 session, but Buck face-fucks Devin pretty vigorously before he busts his thick wadd on Devin's round ass. Devin returns the favor by shooting spooge all over Buck's chest. After all of this, truth be told, Devin's wife is still unaware that he is sucking guys off on camera.

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Don't Tell My Wife I Sucked You Off

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