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Lets have a little truth in advertising here. Don't you hate it when you buy or stream a porno that claims to feature straight guys, or married guys, and come to find out the scenes feature neither of the above? I know that is my biggest pet peeve, so here is your dose of reality. I'm bringing you one straight guy, one bi guy, and a gay guy. Two of the aforementioned men are married, and the gay guy has a big weakness for having sex with men who are bound by legal contracts to a woman. I guess if you can't join then, you might as well beat them.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Bo is in his late 30's and works a pretty white-collar job. It's probably safe to assume that none of his co-workers knew that he was leaving at the end of the day to star in a pornographic scene, but that is exactly what he did. When he shows up at my doorstep wearing his polo shirt, and khaki pants, he had just spent a long day in the land of corporate America. On his own time though, he is a gay guy who has no shame about his desires to have sex with guys who are attached to women. In fact, while he gets naked and shows off his body, he admits that he only had sex with women until a few years ago, but he picked the stage name Bo because he likes to blow big dicks. Before I pair him up with another guy, Bo shows off his body and strokes his hard cock for a bit. He then takes a hot shower to loosen up before he meets the guy he's about to suck off.

Devin is married, but he's bi and his wife knows that he has sex with guys. You can say he's a rare breed that is masculine, and confident enough in that masculinity to admit that he is attracted to both sexes. There is instant chemistry between Devin and Bo as soon as they meet. Devin comes on strong and starts making out heavily with Bo. It is a hot sight to see two masculine, fit guys tongue kissing and groping each others pecs. You can tell it gets Bo worked up too, because he wastes no time pulling Devin's dick out and starts sucking it off like a total pro. He worships Devin's big fat white dick like he wants to suck every ounce of cum out of his ball sacs. Bo looks like a stud on his knees like a total cocksucker, and Devin has no qualms treating him as such by slapping his thick pole on Bo's big pecs and rubbing the dickhead on his fleshy nipples. He also makes Bo lick his ass, before he gets down on his knees to return the favor and suck Bo's prick in turn. Devin is a cocky dick sucker, but in no time he was wiping tears from his eyes as he tries his best to show off his skills. After more intense head and making out, both guys take turns busting huge nuts on each others chests.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Andrew is straight and married. Like Bo, he also works a very white-collar job, and shows up for his scene after a day at work dressed in his shirt and tie. He lives in the suburbs with a few kids, a wife, house, and a two-car garage. We're conditioned to believe that he has everything he needs to be happy, but for Andrew, all this isn't enough. He's been wanting to be in porn for a while, and once you see his dick, you'll wonder why he never made the plunge earlier. Andrew has a porn stars dick, and he has he confidence to back it up. He gets off being naked and showing off his huge erection. You'll feel like a fly on the wall as Andrew performs a private strip show and jerk off session. None of this is staged, you're getting a masculine, straight, hung, married man and father masturbating until he buts a thick wad all over his stomach, dick, and balls. How is that for a little reality?

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Married Men Suck Dick Too

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