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I'm Starting To Enjoy Sucking Cock

I truly believe that the key to a good life is taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you. Take Randy for instance. When I met him two years ago he was completely straight and could have balked at appearing in jerk off videos marketed to other men. Instead, he jumped at the chance to make an honest buck, and before long he was back in a scene sucking off a black dude for the first time. Cash may have been the impetus for Randy doing these videos, but in the process he has learned something very important about himself. While filming this video, he told me that he is starting to enjoy sucking cock. That's the moral of my story. Take opportunities as they are handed to you. Life is a journey and you can't be afraid to live it... even though you never know where you may end up.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Up first is Devin. He's a 26yo bisexual dude I met stripping at a local bar. In many ways he is more straight than many of the heterosexual guys I've come in contact with over the past few years. He has a girlfriend and a few kids back at home, yet is very open about his sexuality and confident about his masculinity. What more can you ask for really? Devin starts off stripping, dancing like he does at the club with just a tiny g-string. You can tell he is proud of his body and loves showing it off... shaking his ass and flopping his cock around. Most of this scene is set up as a point of view with Devin talking right to the viewer as he gets on all fours and shows off his ass, spreading the meaty cheeks to let the camera get some nice close ups of his asshole. The highlight is when he exposes his erect cock and starts to masturbate it. At over eight and a half inches, it is always rock hard and ready to go. He ends by ejaculating a thick white load into the palm of his hand and eating it. I can't say enough about how Devin exudes sexual charisma. Don't pass him up.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

This is the infamous scene that got Randy to admit that he enjoys sucking off select cocks. In many ways, Randy doesn't just suck Devin's cock, he worships it. When the camera started rolling, Randy started caressing Devin's chest and stomach, tenderly kissing his body all over before he removed Devin's hard dick, wrapped his hand around the thick shaft and kissed and licked the cock head. Before I knew it, Randy was sucking cock as though he were having a love affair, smelling and licking Devin's big smooth balls and then taking the dick so far down his throat it was as though he were inhaling it. I could really tell that there was chemistry between these two guys when Devin asked Randy to kiss his ass and Randy obliged. Devin got on all fours and at first Randy just started grabbing Devin's ass cheeks with his hands and spreading them apart, tenderly kissing just the cheeks. Before the shoot, Randy said he would under no circumstances lick an ass, so I was shocked when he started French kissing Devin's asshole. I couldn't believe he was totally eating a guy out, on camera no less.

It doesn't stop there though, to make a long story short, Randy also ended up getting on all fours to show Devin his smooth ass, which Devin promptly began to spank. It seems that Devin hadn't ever seen an ass so smooth and pretty and tight on another dude before, so he had to proceed to rub his dick against the hole and hump the crack. He then face fucked Randy, and also made Randy lie on his back while he squatted down on Randy's face and made him eat his ass out a little more. The scene ends with Randy sucking off Devin until he cums all over Randy's face. Randy was so turned on that he ended up sucking all the cum off of Devin's cock just because he wanted to taste the cum. You can't fake that kind of chemistry.

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I'm Starting To Enjoy Sucking Cock

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