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Straight Off Campus #3
Fratboy Cocksucker

You guys can't seem to get enough of hot college cock, so I'm proud to bring you the third in the Straight off Campus series. The previous installments have been strictly solo affairs, but while at the library on campus, I bumped into this 19 year old dude who was lingering in the library trying to suck cock. With a little smooth talking, I was able to get him back to my place to pose naked on video. The very next day he was sucking cock on camera. That's what I call a study break!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

First up is Ryan. He's 19 years old and bi. Barely legal, he's only a sophomore and is active in a frat on campus. None of his frat brothers know he sucks off dudes and he told me he's definitely trying to keep it that way. Ryan has never modeled before. I actually met him in a bathroom in the campus library and I'm not sure if he was just particularly horny the day we met, or open to the idea of making some cash. Whatever the case, I was surprised how quickly I had him back at my place completely stripped naked, dick rock hard, spreading his ass cheeks to show me how he likes men to fuck him. He told me that he likes older professional guys age 30 and up. This is one frat boy with no sexual hang-ups. He stroked off a sweet load for me.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Nate was 18 and about 6 months old when we filmed this scene. I met him while he was stripping at a local bar. He was fresh out of high school and a wasn't set to start college for another month. He is bi, but strictly a top, and man does he have a beautiful tool to fuck with. Look no further if you like young but legal guys with big dicks. Nate has the biggest set of balls I've filmed so far. He calls them ''saggy'', and they are as big as two eggs. I couldn't believe how they jiggled when he stroked off his big rod. Not only does he get naked show off his ass and jerk off, but he actually does a strip show down to a skimpy thong just like he does at the strip bars. Nate is some prime young meat!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

When I met Ryan, it was during his finals week. He was leaving campus for the summer break in a few days, yet wanted to suck a dude off on camera, so before I knew it, I was making plans to meet up with him the next day and pair him up with Ranbo. These two had an instant chemistry as soon as they met and it was pretty obvious that Ryan was dying to suck Ranbo's cock. This was the first time Ranbo had ever been sucked off by another guy. He's done a few solo videos for me, and even sucked off a black guy in one of my previous releases, but he's 100% straight. His favorite thing is getting his dick sucked, and Ryan happily obliged. He even licked Ranbo's asshole. You can tell how much Ranbo enjoyed it because he ended up giving Ryan the most beautiful cum facial I've seen. He pulled his cock out of Ryans mouth and shot spurt after spurt of thick white cream all over Ryan's face and lips. I hope Ryan's frat brothers don't see this scene, because there is no mistaking him for anything other than a cocksucker with his face covered in cum. I can only imagine what he's going to get into during his summer break!

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Straight Off Campus #3 - Fratboy Cocksucker

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