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Suburban Strokers

Lets face it, most dudes get into porn mainly for the money. That explains why there is a plethora of young twinks and rough street trade getting naked to make a quick buck. What about all of the middle income, well put together, white collar, sexy men over 30? These are the kind of dudes most guys totally lust over. You know the type. He could be your next door neighbor, or another dad at your kids school. You ever lust over a hot doctor? or banker? or lawyer??? That is the type of guy we're bringing you in Suburban Strokers. These guys may not need the cash, but they have a deep rooted need to get naked for all to see.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Peter considers himself 75% straight and 25% gay. Whatever the fact, he's definitely 100% hot and in shape. He is a 38 year old Yoga instructor and owns a very upscale studio in a beach resort area. Safe to say, he isn't hurting for cash, but instead striving for attention. He puts a lot of work into his body and told me that his favorite thing to do is to show it off. He says he ends up spending lots of time in the locker room at the gyms he frequents and loves catching other men looking at him. His favorite is to lay on his stomach on a bench in the steam room with no towel on so dudes can get a good look at his ass. In this scene he is extremely aroused as he takes his clothes off and shows off each part of his body, starting with his chest and nipples, then his back, then his ass, and asshole, and finally his big 8.5 inch dick. He is extremely verbal when he strokes off his huge meat, encouraging you to stroke with him. An impressive cum load is shot off too.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Next up is Dan. If I didn't tell you, you'd be shocked to learn he's 42 years old. This dude has the body of a Greek god. Totally chiseled, he's a mortgage broker by day, personal trainer on the weekends, and a total fucking horn dog 24/7. Even though he's totally straight, he told me that he's been getting fingered up his ass when he gets sucked off ever since his first girlfriend tried it. After all this time, he gets into his ass big time. He makes his girlfriends eat it out, finger it, and sometimes even use dildos on it before he fucks them. He has a nice smooth ass on him and has no trouble exposing his man twat for the camera. Chest guys will love Dan, he has a sweet fucking set of smooth man pecs on him with big nipples. He was a little nervous, so the jerk off portion is kind of quick, but he more than makes up for it by having an intense orgasm. He was fucking sweating and grunting as he shot an impressive sized load. He shot it all the way up to his chest and on his big nipples. That's what I call a straight shooter.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Peter had so much fun at the first shoot that he called me the next day asking me if he could drop by and show off again. There is no way I could pass up that kind of eagerness, so he was over in less than an hour. I wasn't sure what kind of a shoot we'd do, since he had just jerked off for me the day before... but when he got there he totally took charge. He told me that he had a secret he had to tell... that he sometimes lets men fuck him up the ass. When the camera was rolling, he dropped the back of his pants and showed me that he was only wearing a jockstrap so he was able to easily expose his asshole. He laid on his back and started fingering his ass, talking about how the last man fucked him. Before I knew it, he was on all fours with a dildo up his ass talking directly to the camera begging to get fucked like a pussy and a bitch. I couldn't believe how dirty he was talking, begging to get fucked like a female while on fours and pumping his ass with a dildo. He got in every position he gets in when dudes fuck him and totally got off on telling his deepest secrets. He'll definitely be back again!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Many times, I have to pick a model up because they have no wheels, or they take a bus. Kyle rolled up to my place in his sports car, wearing designer jeans. He's 43, gay, and a lawyer and definitely was not in need of extra work. When I met him at a bar and told him that I did porn his eyes fucking lit up and he begged me to be in a video. I figured after the buzz from his martini wore off that he'd never in a million years get naked and masturbate on film, but he surprised me and called me the next day. The rest is history. He was pretty shy, so there isn't much talking. Kyle gets right into it, exposes all of his man parts and shoots a huge sized load. Big dick on this dude!

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Suburban Strokers

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