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Straight Off Campus #2

You guys can't seem to get enough of young 18 and over college studs, so IronVideo Productions is here to satisfy your desires. Here is round two of Straight off Campus. We're bringing you three guys, all straight, all college or grad students, and all horny. As always, you won't find any of these dudes on any other videos. They are truly Straight off Campus.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Up first is Brock. He answered an ad that I took out in a college paper looking for male models, and I can honestly say that he is the most enthusiastic model I have met so far. 25 years old, tattooed, slim and tight, Brock couldn't wait to get out of his clothes and undress in front of the camera. He bragged that he wants to develop a following and break into hardcore movies and after his first scene, I can attest to the fact that he will have a bright future. He happily throws his legs back and exposes his asshole very seductively... getting on all fours and wagging his tail like a dog. Deservedly confident, Brock stops just short of cocky and instead seems very approachable... a kind of James Dean ''Rebel Without a Cause'' bad boy. If you like big dicks, you'll drool over this scene... he's just shy of 9 inches and thick as hell. We'll definitely see more of Brock.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

This is Randy's third scene with us. He says he's 100% straight and won't have sex with another guy even taking the great pay into consideration. However, he needs cash for school, so this time I was able to convince him to play with his ass a bit. He kept telling me that he was a virgin in that area, but I've been getting so many positive comments about his ass from guys who bought his previous videos that I was able to convince him that his ass is his money maker. So with some prodding, Randy offers his ass up in his latest scene. Freshly shaved and lubed up, his ass is as smooth as a woman’s. He lies on his back and spreads his legs like he has a pussy.... but he's no pussy with his 8-inch rock hard cock. Randy wasn't lying when he said nothing had ever been up his ass, you can tell that it's as tight as a clamp... but he oils his fingers up and before long has 2 fingers in his ass. You can tell he doesn't like it, but he truly takes it for the team and before long he is sodomizing himself with a black butt plug. Who would ever think a straight college stud would use his ass like a pussy for a little tuition!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Last but not least is Joe. He was the most apprehensive of the bunch. I met him online in a chat room after I saw the pics he had of himself in his profile. Instantly, I was drawn to his football players build. Most videos with guys his age feature either twinks or muscle heads. Joe fits into his own category, more beef than brick, he is all man. His pecs are truly massive, smooth and fleshy with big hard nipples, they are truly man tits. In my eyes he was a fresh look and I was very interested in shooting him, but it took a lot of convincing on my part. Joe told me he needed the cash, but was apprehensive about jerking off on camera... and it comes through in the shoot. Now, don't mistake apprehension for shyness... Joe was truly confident in himself and has a sexy way about his speech... but you can tell he had a few reservations about exposing himself on camera. Once he starts playing with his nipples though, you can tell he's totally warmed up to the idea. Before long I have him exposing his asshole and stroking his hard cock. Please, just don't tell his frat brothers, because in his senior year, he is very active on campus!

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Straight Off Campus #2

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