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Straight Off Campus #1

Amateur Video Scene 1:

We found Jesse dancing at a local bar near one of the college campuses in town. I'd never approached a stripper before, but something about Jesse's manner just made it seem right. It turns out he loves attention and jumped at the chance of getting naked on video. He's a pretty well put together guy for only being 21 years old and you can tell from his interview portion that he's also real laid back and confident and once he takes his cock out and starts stroking, you can tell why. This dudes cock is the perfect size and stays rock hard as he strokes in several positions. He shocked the hell out of me by starting to finger his hairy asshole, after professing that he didn't get into anything anal. He could have fooled me when he was on all fours fingerfucking his ass.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Gino answered an ad I took out in a local college paper. At 25, I thought he was a bit old to be an undergrad, but it turned out he is studying massage therapy and gets by picking up odd jobs until he gets his certification. I'm sure once he gets done he'll have a steady stream of clients, and I think you'll agree after you watch his scene. At only 5'5", he is a compact ball of manhood. Tight and buff are the first two words that come to mind when trying to describe him. His ass is pretty memorable too... talk about a bubble butt (which he gladly shows off). All you guys who like accents will love Gino's southern drawl... he comes straight from Kentucky. He was a little nervous about being on camera, so the initial interview period is very short, but he opens up more once he is nude and stroking and ends up telling stories about a threesome he had with a married couple. While we were shooting a raging summer thunderstorm swept through the area, and you can hear the thunder clap as he shoots his load... a strange but hot build up. After he shoots a huge load he allows me to film as he cleans up in the shower.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

I asked Randy back for a second scene after getting such a great response from having him in an earlier video. He's 23 years old and straight, a college student by day and club kid by night. He mixes it up in this scene by wearing a jockstrap and doing a "bootie dance" with his ass spreading his cheeks and getting on all fours and jiggling his meaty ass flesh to music before he strokes off his 8.5 inch thick cock. Randy loves being verbal and after he shoots a huge load of jizz asks if you'd like to eat it. After he cums, there is a bit of a bonus section with Randy. He's straight and won't do any action scenes with another guy, so I gave him a banana and asked him to show me how he would suck a dick and lets just say he's a natural at it. This kid looks like he's been sucking cock his whole life, especially when he sprays whipped cream on the head of the banana and licks it up. You don't want to miss this, he actually gets on all fours and rubs the banana on his ass crack.

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Straight Off Campus #1

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