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Straight Off The Street

Producer's Note: This video is for all you guys who love street trade. You know the type of guy, a dude who is pretty straight, yet enterprising with his cock. There is something very tempting in seeing a butch dude hanging around an adult bookstore downtown knowing that for a little cash you can rent their dicks. So here are three hustlers I found scouring the streets seeing what my cash could buy. None of these guys have ever been on film before. All of them are real, masculine, and hard... truly Straight off the Street.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Willie actually inspired the idea for this video. A buddy of mine lives across the street from a local porn shop downtown and I had noticed Willie hanging out on the street corner in front of the shop almost every time I visited my buddy. At first i just dismissed him as a small time drug dealer, but my buddy told him that Willie had propositioned him before. That's all i needed to know to approach the mixed race hustler and ask him if he wanted a future in movies. Safe to say he jumped at the chance to earn some fast honest cash. Willie is only 20 years old and has boyish looks. Considering himself to be straight, he is gay for pay and tell about being fucked up his ass in the past. He told me he is half black and half Hawaiian, but he's all man. He has no trouble stripping all of his clothes off and showing off his cock and ass. In fact, you can definitely tell he is a working boy as he really put his all into showing off his body. He gyrates his hips as he strokes his hairy cock, and then gets on all fours and spreads and spanks his ass cheeks... nothing like the sound of a hand hitting a meaty cheek. Willie definitely knows hot to please... he may only be 20, but he shoots a man sized load... all the way up to his neck. Make sure to look out for his ''death is commin'' tattoo on his stomach. It's pretty light, but he told me his friend gave it to him in the 4th grade.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

I ran into Jake online, he was in a chat room advertising himself as an ''escort''. After seeing his pic, I realized he's not the typical high priced, smooth, muscle stud that you usually see lurking in gay chat rooms. Jake is pure trade. He's 31 years old and considers himself bi. He talks in detail about the first time he had sex with another guy and gives a hot interview talking about getting fucked up his ass. Jake loved showing off his body, from his smooth chest with pierced nipples, to his arm pits, cock and balls, all they way down to his ass. He spreads his cheeks so you get a great view of his asshole. His cock stays rock hard the whole time as he strokes it and plays with his shaved balls. He seemed very intent to earn his money, as he not only ends by shooting a huge load, but he picks up the cum from his stomach and brings a thick white cum string up to his mouth and eats it, letting the camera get some close-ups of the cum on his lips and tongue. You can't miss this!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

John is 29 years old and totally straight. My buddy actually met him at a local dive bar one night and John was coming onto a girl saying he'd strip for her. To make a long story short, my buddy convinced John to come up to my place where he could earn some cash. He's still a bit wasted from the bar, but I guess it helped him relax. He was totally willing to answer any of my buddies questions as he gives him a quick interview. My bud was also able to get john to strip all of his clothes off while I filmed it. He shows off his pits and cock and balls and even his ass, but won't go so far as to show his asshole. For a cocky straight dude though, he seemed to love the attention of having two other guys watch him masturbate. And I found out he has a reason to be cocky, he shot the hugest load I've seen so far... and he shot so far that cum flew past his head onto the back of the couch. Yep, John definitely has a right to be cocky.

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Straight Off The Street

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