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Jarod's Bareback Party

Producer's Note: This film is about guys having sex without condoms, all raw, skin on skin, man on man contact…and more appropriately referred to as ‘Bareback’. Each performer in this film is aware of the risks involved when practicing bareback sex and exercised their right to choose and participate. Now, as I step off my soapbox, let me tell you about the film that you are about to see. The movie itself was shot as one continuous scene. In order to preserve the continuity of action, and to give viewers a true sense of how the lived itself out, minimal editing has occurred. I want each viewer to feel like they were part of the Jarod’s Bareback Party and to live the fantasy of raw sex thru Jarod, himself. So, sit back, relax, and watch the intense sights and sounds of raw ass, raw cock, and eager hole waiting to be cum drenched…

The Bareback Party Starts:

With 3 bareback guys that show up early…very eager to get naked, get hard and very ready to get down to action. Each of the guys eventually drills the ass off Jarod, but in the meantime get down to some great action between themselves…Our blond cocksucker steps in as the raw hole, getting fucked and used by the two very well hung bareback tops…Each of these 3 guys eat each others holes, suck each other clean, fuck each other raw, back and forth, topping it off with hot splashes of raw cum being shot on one of the guys hot muscled ass. Each of these guys cool down, take a break, and work themselves up for the continuation.

When Jarod arrives to take on all the raw cock that we can find him…Jarod is a hot looking white boy, 24, smooth lean body, hot ass, with an insatiable appetite for raw cock, and hot sticky cum…The scene builds into 6 guys in total, and 2 hot bottoms getting worked over side by, back and forth, and by each other. Jarod and his buddy compete to see who can tire out the Tops, the best. Eventually leading to a really great double-headed dildo session that pits each bottom against each other, trying to prove who can take the most cock, the deepest. Ass pounding bareback sex, raw action as it happened, and hot bubble ass covered in cum load, is how Jarod and his buddy are rewarded…Raw sex, condom less anal action, and heavy bareback cum shooting all over wanting and eager holes…Live the fantasy and be part of the action as if you were there yourself…

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Jarod's Bareback Party

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